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Jonathan Green Timeline

Jonathan Green born December 1836 in Malham, Yorkshire England.
Jonathan Green and his wife Betsy moved to the Manchester area, which was one of the centers of the cotton weaving industry. He eventually became the manager of a cotton dye works. On summer evenings Jonathan Green takes up the game of lawn bowling, or bowling on the green. In time he becomes very adept at lawn bowls, which was a game played on grass greens outside England’s Public houses or Pubs.
Jonathan Green’s wife Betsy died and was laid to rest in the church yard of St. Thomas's, Salford near Manchester.
Hubert's son Jack Green was born in Chorley, England
Hubert Green sailed for the United States.
Jack Green sails for the United States, to join his father. Over time he hold over forty different jobs, many in the green industry. Jack dreams of starting his own business.  The lessons of hard-work and craftsmanship instilled in him by his grandfather, Jonathan Green inspire Jack to succeed in America.
Jack's son Barry Green is born in Kearny, NJ, USA
Jack Green and his son Barry Green establish the Green Seed Company, in Kearny, NJ. Soon after, on the advice of a good customer, the business is renamed Jonathan Green, Inc., in honor of Jack's grandfather the original turfgrass professional. Within a few years Jonathan Green specializes in selling to sod growers, a new type of turfgrass business, established to service the rapidly expanding new home construction market.
1981 Jonathan Green enters the retail business, selling exclusively to independent garden centers and hardware stores.
Kimberly Linton, the sixth generation since Jonathan Green, joins the family business working in the marketing department.
Jonathan Green marries Betsy Hogg in the Registrar's Office in the town of Settle in Yorkshire. She was born in the border country of Scotland.
Jonathan Green's son Hubert was born in Pendleton, England.
At the age of 45, Jonathan Green moved to Chorley in Lancashire where he began constructing bowling greens in the area. In order to improve the lawn bowling surface, Jonathan Green begins to experiment with different turfgrass varieties, seeking uniformity of leaf texture and color and superior wear tolerance.
Hubert opened his own butcher shop at 112 Pall Mall in Chorley, England.
Jack Green assists his grandfather, Jonathan Green in constructing bowling greens. He grows very fond of the old man who is now 76.
Jonathan Green dies and is laid to rest in St Thomas Church cemetery near Manchester. Jonathan Green never remarried, but this fine old gentleman touched many lives.
Barry's son, Barry Green II is born in Exeter, Devon, England while Barry and his wife Gail are attending the University of the Southwest near Cornwall in England.
Barry Green II joins the family business. His spouse Laura Green joins the business three years later in 1980.
Todd Pretz, Barry Green's new son-in-law, joins the family business. His spouse Ellen Green works in the business for a few years but departs to become a teacher.