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Shady Nooks Mixture

General Overview:

Shady Nooks™ Mixture is especially made to survive in damp soil, or in dry poor soils, in areas of heavy shade. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance. Contains Poa Trivialis, a shade tolerant grass that grows well in moist, shady areas. Contains Hard Fescue the turfgrass requiring the least fertilizer.

This product is available in the following varieties:

  • Size: 1 lbs Coverage: 750 sq ft Item #: 11955
  • Size: 25 lbs Coverage: 18750 sq ft Item #: 11960
  • Size: 3 lbs Coverage: 2250 sq ft Item #: 11957
  • Size: 7 lbs Coverage: 5250 sq ft Item #: 11959

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I am using this product for the second summer in a row. I have a VERY shady piece of property. I tried every grass seed from Home Depot and Walmart, and happened to spy this one in Ace Hardware. I am now using the bug and fertilizer products as well. It is well worth doing it right once ! This grass seed germinates about an inch and a half long in under a week! Thank you. -Kathy, Long Island, New York

July 12, 2011

I live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. I have a particularly troublesome low spot in my backyard that is heavily shaded and very wet most of the season. However, during dry weather conditions in late July and August, the clay soil turns to concrete. I've tried several varieties of seed from Lowes, Home Depot and WalMart. Shady Nooks is the ONLY grass seed that will thrive there in my back yard. Highly recommended!!

April 01, 2012

I purchased the Shady Nooks Grass seed in the Fall and I have the most beautiful lush green yard now, which is remarkable because we have heavy shade and have never been able to grow grass before. This is my first review ever, but I had to tell what a great product this is.

April 18, 2012

In response to the May 5 post - Our Shady Nooks grass seed mixture contains a combination of turf-type tall fescue varieties, hard fescue, perennial ryegrass and sun-up poa trivialis. Thank you, Jonathan Green

May 06, 2014

This mixture is AWESOME! I overseeded part of my lawn with Shady Nooks on September 5, 2014. Within a week I already saw signs of new grass. As the days have gone by, more and more of the seeds germinated so my lawn is growing and filling in like crazy! It looks amazing! This area of my lawn is covered with some trees and is why I tried this mixture. Of course, I overseeded now in hopes of a better lawn in the spring of next year. Truly surprised I am able to see great results now in less than a months time. Thank You Jonathan Green!

September 29, 2014

What grass varities does this contain?

May 05, 2014