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Fast Grow Mixture

General Overview:

Fast Grow Mixture provides a hardy turf quickly in sun and shade. This is the perfect seed mixture where the fastest results are required. Germinates in just 7-14 days!

This product is available in the following varieties:

  • Size: 15 lbs Coverage: 78500 sq ft Item #: 10830
  • Size: 25 lbs Coverage: 12500 sq ft Item #: 10810
  • Size: 3 lbs Coverage: 1500 sq ft Item #: 10820
  • Size: 7 lbs Coverage: 3500 sq ft Item #: 10840

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In response to the last review the homeowner stated that they had a "red lawn". We are not sure what you mean and if you would like to send us pictures of the lawn we will try and identify the problem. You can email the pictures to Sometimes a red color in the lawn is indicative of a phosphorus deficiency. Thank you - Jonathan Green.

May 11, 2012

In response to the May 1st review - This has been an unseasonably cool spring and grass seed does not begin to germinate until the soil temperature (not air temp) is at least 55 degrees. Even Fast Grow grass seed will not begin to germinate without warm enough soil. If you still do not see germination in a couple of weeks please let us know at Thank you, Jonathan Green

May 05, 2014

Western PA here - planted from 9/15/14-9/17/14, watered daily until the ground was very wet but not puddling/saturated, and temperatures were low 50's (lows) and mid 70's (highs). I had grass 2-3" high in areas within 6-7 days, and now approaching a full two weeks later it looks even better. Sadly, I don't take time to write reviews of good products, and this one made me so happy I thought to. Coming from a very bad experience with a Scott's product, I can't be happier. I'll be using this when planting from bare ground here on out, and will be over-seeding existing lawn with Black Beauty as a believer in this brand.

September 29, 2014

I put this mixture on a lawn that was some waht sheady. It came up in about 2 weeks. I planted it in mid august. I will see how it does over the winter in northern NJ. So far OK.

September 03, 2013

Home builder used this seed mix last late fall, and now I have a red lawn! Looks really bad.I checked pH and used fartilizer, did not help.

May 10, 2012

I put down the Jonathan Green Fast Grow seed in a prepared section of my lawn. I have watered it plenty and we have had a mix of rainy and sunny warm days. It has been down 10 days right now and I can not see one seed that has stared to grow. Last year I used another producer of seed and it has sprouted in 7 days during similiar conditions. I may need to bail on J Green.

May 01, 2014