Grow a Lawn that Looks Like a Professional Did It...

The Black Beauty family of lawn grass seed mixtures grow well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade. These seed mixtures are genetically dark-green, with improved disease resistance and drought tolerance.

The Black Beauty family of seed mixtures also contain endophytes for natural insect resistance. Use Black Beauty or Black Beauty Ultra - the same grass seed mixtures used by leading sod growers across America - and get professional looking results!

Black Beauty Sod


See the Difference!

Black Beauty Turfgrass possess an invisible waxy coating covering the leaf surface of each grass blade. This protective coating is very similar to the natural, waxy layer that causes an apple to shine and helps to preserve the moisture inside the fruit.

Black Beauty Grass grass holds up in poor soils of low pH where lesser tall fescue sod and seeding jobs fail.  To learn more about Black Beauty grass seed click here.


Invisible Waxy Coating

Black Beauty Sod. The invisible waxy coating, like that on an apple, wards off disease mycelia.

Invisible Waxy Coating

The waxy coating preserves moisture in the leaf, resulting in superior drought tolerance.

Invisible Waxy Coating

Black Beauty is very shade tolerant and performs better than fine fescues in fertile soil.