Why Lime When You Can Use MAG-I-CAL?


  • Rapidly raises soil pH-faster than lime
  • Provides Calcium - essential for healthy lawns
  • Releases "tied-up" nutrients in the soil
  • Easy to spread pellets - saves time and $$
  • Use on Lawns, New Seedings, Sod Lawns & Gardens
  • "Wakes-up" beneficial micro-organisms
  • Inhibits moss growth
  • Used by Professionals
All Natural MAG-I-CAL!

MAG-I-CAL is the missing link in your lawn and garden!


1 Bag of MAG-I-CAL Equals 10 Bags of Lime


* One 10,000 sq. ft. bag of MAG-I-CAL replaces up to 10 bags of lime. Also available in 5,000 sq. ft. size, which replaces up to five bags of lime.