testimonial_hollandiaBoth Hollandia Nursery and Hollandia Gift and Garden carry the Jonathan Green line. We always want the best products for our customers. With their commitment to stay out of the chain stores, they are able to keep their seed mixes at such a higher quality. With no gimmick mixes, our customers are getting what they pay for with Jonathan Green. The rebate program helped sell their new Organic line of products and their new Black Beauty Ultra really delivers a great lawn. In a time when most brands are all talk, Jonathan Green really delivers the quality.

Gene Reelick
Hollandia Gift & Garden
Bethel, CT

Dees_Logo_Green_1_Jonathan Green Turf Products have consistently given our customers the quality and dependability that they have grown to expect from our store. We sell their great products with confindence knowing our customers will have success in their lawn and garden. Jonathan Green means success for our customer which in turn means success for Dees’ Nursery.

Joe DiDominica
The Dee’s Nursery & Florist Inc.
Oceanside, NY

testimonial_grossmanWe began carrying Jonathan Green Grass Seeds in 2003 and received many positive customer comments. Homeowners told us that there were places in their lawn where they had little hope of ever being able to grow grass. After planting Black Beauty in heavy traffic and drought stricken spots, or Shady Nooks in densely shaded areas, they finally achieved success. When we started selling the Jonathan Green Annual Lawn Care Program, it was the same story. Their products are formulated using newer technology and are superior. We also like the fact that we can sell a better product at a better price than the discount chain stores offer. Jonathan Green is in Grossman’s to stay!

Larry & Frances Grossman
Grossman’s Country Nursery
Penfield, NY

Adams_Fairacre_FarmsAdams Fairacre Farms and Jonathan Green have had a great relationship in all three of our locations for many years. In our Newburgh location we have carried Jonathan Green since the day we opened 10 years ago. From fertilizer to grass seed Jonathan Green has great products and a great customer following. With their Organic Lawn Care Program sales have grown, since our customers are becoming more environmentally aware. Everyone needs to think “GREEN”, Jonathan Green that is.

Eric Foose & Shane Weymer
Adams Fairacre Farms
Newburgh, NY

TrueValueLogoMy customers appreciate that Jonathan Green is a family owned company. I use that as a selling point in discussion with my quality minded customers. The feedback regarding favorable results has been overwhelmingly positive. Usually I don’t hear back unless there is a problem. My customers go out of their way to tell me how they like the Jonathan Green products. I should also add that the success of the organic products has been a big surprise.

Emerson Dexter
Cash True Value
Mystic, CT
Cash True Value Website

testimonial_oneI always had trouble growing grass in the shade. Most of my lawn is covered by shade during the day and I was getting nothing to grow. I had all but given up then I tried Jonathan Green Shady Nooks. I can’t believe how well the grass filled in! I have grass growing right up to the base of the trees. Finally I have the lawn I always wanted. Thank you!

Rod W.
Somerset, NJ

I recently moved into a new home and the lawn did not look good. The previous owners said they could never grow a decent lawn and had tried everything. I had heard about Jonathan Green MAG-I-CAL and I thought maybe my soil needed some help. After using MAG-I-CAL and the Black Beauty grass seed I have a beautiful lawn! My neighbors are jealous and keep asking what I used and I just tell them Jonathan Green!

Arthur G.
Baltimore, MD

testimonial_twoI have three children and a dog and I was worried about what I was putting on my lawn. I was hesitant about using organic products because I heard they did not work as well and I still wanted a nice green lawn. Jonathan Green organic products changed my mind completely. Their organic products really worked and the grass had a dark green color that lasted longer than anyone else in my neighborhood! Plus I find I don’t have to mow my lawn as often with the organics which is great because it means more time to spend with the kids.

Shelly R.
Poughkeepsie, NY