Grow a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn Today! 
Feed Your Lawn and Your Soil.

Spring has sprung!  It’s now time to start preparing your lawn for the season…and you couldn’t have come to a better place to do that. The New American Lawn is a cutting-edge lawn care program that not only feeds the lawn, like every program on the market today, but, unlike all others, FEEDS THE SOIL!  That’s right, the soil.

Healthy soil is the foundation for all great lawns.  Your soil must be free of compaction, possess healthy microbial populations, and have the correct pH or your “great lawn” journey will not happen.  Think about it.  Would you plant your annuals and perennials in a poor-quality potting soil?  Of course not. So why not ensure that your grass is growing in quality soil, too?” The New American Lawn makes this happen!

Watch this 30-minute educational video for everything you need to know about great lawn – AND SOIL – care!  For lawn owners, it will be the best 30-minutes you’ve ever invested in your property.

Where do I find NAL products?

Lets put your new knowledge to work, and start growing the lawn of your dreams! Go to our Store Locator to find Jonathan Green products near you today. 

NAL Program Application Wheels

Applying The New American Lawn is so easy! Just choose one of the two Program Application Wheels below that best suits your needs.