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Welcome to Our Lawn Legacy

Let us help you grow the lawn of your dreams. At Jonathan Green, we’re deeply committed to creating and selling only the highest-quality grass seed and lawn products and have been for six generations.

Perfecting Grass Since the 1800s

A lot has changed since we were founded in 1881, but our commitment to growing healthy, carefree lawns has stayed the same. Jonathan Green Inc. was born out of the need for better lawns and we continue that mission at our turfgrass research farm—where we study, breed, and think outside the box to create the best grass seed on the market today.

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Years in the Business


Stores Nationwide


Lawn Care Products

"Bottom line, my lawn is beautiful again and I know if I ever have lawn questions or need advice, the knowledgeable, really friendly people at JG are there to help."

Ann B. Kentucky Homeowner

"I have at least 5 different friends using [Jonathan Green] products after seeing my yard. Looking forward to overseeding with Black Beauty again this year."

Josh L. Lawn Enthusiast

"Last year I went to Country Brooks Farm and was suggested to stop using Scotts and use Jonathan Green. At first I laughed to myself, but then I bought into it and changed everything even my Scott’s spreader."

David V. Happy Homeowner

"After I seeded with Black Beauty Ultra and I noticed such a dramatic color difference, right then I knew I wanted a whole lawn of Pure JG Black Beauty Ultra."

Mark H. Happy Homeowner

"I couldn’t be happier about the results of this front lawn renovation!! It’s so thick and lush."

Bill P. Happy Lawn Owner

"My lawn looks absolutely amazing thanks to your products."

Tony W. Detroit Homeowner

Who is Jonathan Green?

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to help homeowners achieve the great-looking, easy-to-care-for lawn of their dreams. We do this by breeding and selling superior grass seed and lawn products at independent stores only—and by educating homeowners so they can grow and maintain a healthy lawn for the long term.

Staying Connected to Our Roots

Jonathan Green was born in England in 1836, and worked as a gardener before moving to the city during the Industrial Revolution. Discontent with the monotony of working in a factory, he dreamed of adding more natural beauty to people’s lives and giving them a place to come together […]


To add some enjoyment to his life, Jonathan Green joined a lawn bowling club. While lawn bowling was popular—the turf left a lot to be desired.


Jonathan aimed to fix it and began experimenting with different grass combinations until he had the perfect turf which led him to construct bowling greens in towns all over northern England. Eventually, his sons joined him in the business and came to America.


Today, Jonathan Green sells more than 50 lawn care products that help lawn owners to create a beautiful yard where family and friends can meet and play. [X]

Driving Grass Seed Innovation at Our Research Farm

At Jonathan Green, our journey towards innovation and excellence led us to open Cascade International Seed—our turfgrass research farm. This strategic move would revolutionize our ability to develop and grow superior turfgrass varieties. Collaborating with dedicated family farms and professional sod growers, we harnessed the power of real-life growing conditions to put our grass seed to the test and refine our offerings. At Jonathan Green, we thrive on fostering innovation and delivering unparalleled quality to our cherished customers. Together, with Cascade International Seed, we are revolutionizing the industry to create a brighter and greener world under your feet.

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Jonathan Green begins experimenting with turfgrass varieties to improve the surface of bowling greens in England.


in Family

Jonathan Green’s grandson Jack starts working with his grandfather to construct higher quality bowling greens.


it Official

Jack Green and his son Barry establish the Jonathan Green Grass Seed Company in Kearny, New Jersey – named in honor of Jack’s grandfather – the original turfgrass professional.


Our Roots

The business begins using the cameo of Jonathan Green in the company logo.


Into Sod

Jonathan Green begins selling to sod growers, improving our seed mixtures to meet professional standards.


Becoming 5

Barry Green Jr. starts his career by mixing grass seed in the warehouse.



Jonathan Green breaks ground on the corporate office in Farmingdale, NJ.



Jonathan Green transitions from selling supermarkets to independent garden centers and hardware stores. A commitment was made to never sell to big box chain stores.


Going Beyond

Jonathan Green expands the business offerings outside of grass seed and introduces lawn fertilizer.


Superior Seed

Jonathan Green establishes a turfgrass research and production company named Cascade International Seed in Oregon to breed improved turfgrass.


Black Beauty

Jonathan Green develops Black Beauty Grass Seed, the first-ever tall fescue plant that truly rivals the dark color and texture of Kentucky Bluegrass.



Jonathan Green launches their very first line of organic lawn care.


Becoming 6

The daughters of the owners join the company on the sales and marketing teams.


Made Modern

A rebrand pulls our logo and packaging into the 21st century.



We’re on a mission to bring you top-notch lawn care products that will turn your lawn into the care-free oasis you’ve always dreamed of!

Jonathan Green Company Values

At Jonathan Green, we believe in quality, innovation, service, and community consciousness. For more than a century, these values have guided us to ensure we have the happiest, most satisfied customers in the lawn business.

Selling only the highest quality grass seed available in the market today by continuously innovating and improving our products.

Investing in customer success by educating them to ensure timely and correct application of our lawn products to make their lawn healthy, lush, and carefree.

Supporting only independent retailers and never selling to big box stores. Local stores are the best place to get quality lawn and garden advice that's specific to your yard's individual needs.

Minimizing environmental impact by formulating superior grass seed varieties that are naturally dark-green and need less fertilizer and pesticides.

Two bags of Jonathan Green's Black Beauty grass seed on a lawn.
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Behind the Greens

Behind the Greens

You won’t find our products at big box stores.

Find Us in a Local Store.

Jonathan Green sells to independent stores only because we believe in supporting small family businesses and keeping local economies alive. Our retailers provide our mutual customers with excellent service and a superb overall buying experience that makes them want to come back time and time again.


Need Some Lawn Inspiration?

Even we’re amazed by the robust, beautiful lawns customers achieve with Jonathan Green.