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Explore Lawn Care Accessories

We sell everything you need to grow a beautiful, healthy lawn. From the highest-quality grass seed, products to help you fix your soil, we offer everything you need to grow a lawn you love.

Explore Lawn Care Accessories

For well over one hundred years, Jonathan Green has been providing homeowners and business owners with everything they need to create and maintain a green and beautiful lawn – including lawn care accessories and lawn care tools. Many of these accessories and tools will help you overcome some of the most common challenges that get in the way of having a thick, green, and healthy lawn all year long, but that’s not all. We also have accessories for lawn care repair, tools to measure the pH and moisture levels of your lawn, and much more. Find what your lawn care routine might be missing from Jonathan Green today!


Why do you need lawn care accessories? 

Sometimes, you can do everything right – buy the correct grass seed, give your lawn enough water, fertilize it, and mow properly – but certain areas of your lawn just never look as healthy or green as others. This may be because it’s getting too much sun or shade. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Patcher Bare Spot Repair will quickly repair these stubborn bare spots. You may also find a lawn care repair product like the Black Beauty Biodegradable Grass Seed Roll to be helpful.


Other lawn care accessories, like our Wildflower and Meadow Grass Mix or Pasture Grass Mixture, can transform an already healthy and thriving green lawn into something even more beautiful or functional.


If you live in a place where it snows often, the blankets of snow that can cover your property for weeks can be potentially damaging. Our Melt-A-Way Ice Melter quickly melts snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks while being gentle on your lawn and shrubs. It also won’t stain concrete, carpets, or shoes.


We also have lawn care tools and kits for testing the pH and moisture levels of your lawn so you can ensure your soil provides the ideal conditions for growing lush, green, and healthy grass.


Quality lawn care accessories from Jonathan Green

At Jonathan Green, our goal has always been to help people grow a thick, healthy lawn and ward off problems before they start. Here, you’ll find lawn care accessories that can do both. Order now and get what your lawn needs today!

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