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Jonathan Green Spreader Settings

Following your lawn spreader’s recommended settings is critical to properly seeding and applying lawn care products. Grow the lawn of your dreams by using superior products the right way with Jonathan Green.

Find Your Lawn Spreader Settings

Make your next lawn project a major success and ensure you have the right amount of product from the start by accurately determining your spreader settings. Answer the questions below to see how to apply Jonathan Green lawn products using popular lawn spreaders models from a range of companies.


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Who makes your spreader?

Don’t see your spreader here? Contact the manufacturer or review your spreader’s manual.


Step 2/4

What type of spreader are you using?


Step 3/4

What is the model of your spreader?

Don’t see your spreader model here? Contact the manufacturer or review your spreader’s manual.


Step 4/4

Select the rate that best suits your lawn needs.

Depending on the type of product you selected there may only be one application rate.

Note: “New lawn” indicates that you are starting a lawn from bare dirt vs overseeding or applying product to an existing lawn.


Spreader Settings

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Essential Lawn Spreader Settings Tips

Having a lush, healthy lawn is every homeowner’s dream—and you can achieve it with the right tools and lawn care practices. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is the proper use of spreader settings. If you take pride in your landscape, read on to learn the importance of accurate spreader settings and useful tips to maximize your lawn's potential.

Understanding Spreader Settings

Determining the right spreader setting is critical in effectively applying lawn care products like fertilizers, grass seed, and more. Spreader settings determine the amount of product spread on your lawn, so accurate settings are essential for even coverage and optimal results. For products like fertilizer or weed control, in extreme circumstances applying too little or too much product could mean the difference between doing nothing or killing your grass.


Several factors influence the appropriate spreader settings for your lawn. First, consider the type of spreader you are using. Each type of lawn seeder (broadcast, drop, and handheld) applies product differently and understanding these differences will help you achieve the best results. Additionally, the rate at which you walk and the type of product you're using—whether it's a Jonathan Green fertilizer, weed control, or grass seed— will also affect the recommended spreader settings. Finally, the brand of your spreader should be considered, as different spreaders may require specific adjustments.


As you can see, many variables impact the spreader setting needed to achieve optimal results.

Calculate Your Lawn Square Footage

Ensure you have the right amount of product for your application needs from the start by first determining the total square footage of your lawn. Simply multiply your lawn’s length and width and deduct the square footage of any non-lawn areas (landscape bed, patio, deck, pool, etc.) from the total. You now know how much product you need to purchase!

Finding the Right Spreader Settings

To find the ideal spreader settings for your lawn, Jonathan Green offers resources and support. We first recommend checking the product label on Jonathan Green products. If your unique brand and model of spreader is not listed, use the Spreader Settings tool above. This will help you determine the correct spreader setting for your Jonathan Green products whether you have a Jonathan Green, Scotts, Lesco, or another brand of spreader. Use the Jonathan Green Spreader Settings tool to get customized settings for our line of lawn care products, ensuring that you're applying the right amount for your lawn's specific needs. By following our recommendations, you can achieve even distribution and maximize the benefits of our top-quality products. If your spreader is not listed here, we recommend referencing the manufacturer’s manual, or searching online for a spreader conversion chart.


If you are still unable to determine the correct setting for your spreader, visit the Contact Us page to reach out to our knowledgeable customer support team. By providing details about your lawn and the product you're using, we can offer personalized advice on the optimal spreader settings. With these resources, you can confidently prepare your spreader for precise product distribution.

Quick Tips: Mastering Lawn Spreaders

To make the most of using your lawn spreader, follow these quick tips:

  • Mow your lawn before applying products.
  • Set your spreader according to the recommended settings provided by Jonathan Green Inc.
  • Always close the hopper before filling the spreader.
  • Fill the spreader with product on a hard surface, not on the lawn.
  • Walk at a slow and steady pace to ensure even distribution.
  • When making turns, close the hopper.
  • Sweep any product off of hard surfaces back onto the grass.

Troubleshooting and Fine-Tuning

If you encounter any issues during the application process, don't fret. When spreading, keep an eye out for patches with uneven product coverage and signs of over-application or under-application. If you notice any of the above you will need to adjust the spreader settings to increase or reduce the product flow. When applying fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, it is especially important to properly calibrate your spreader to make sure you’re applying the product to your turf at the correct rate.

In Conclusion

When it comes to achieving a vibrant, healthy lawn, accurate spreader settings are your secret weapon!

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