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Explore Natural Lawn Care Products

We sell everything you need to grow a beautiful, healthy lawn. From the highest-quality grass seed, products to help you fix your soil, we offer everything you need to grow a lawn you love.

Explore Natural Lawn Care Products

Take care of the planet and your lawn with Jonathan Green! Our natural lawn care products are gentle on the environment, yet powerful enough to maintain the health and look of your yard. All of our eco-friendly products contain natural ingredients, such as corn gluten for weed prevention and natural plant oils to repel insects. Our products, such as our pet-friendly weed killer and natural lawn fertilizer, are also safe to apply around kids and pets, so you can create plenty of family memories on your lawn!


While natural lawn care requires a bit of patience, the long-term benefits for the environment and your lawn make it worthwhile! Ultimately, you will have a lawn that naturally combats weeds, repels harmful insects and pests, and boasts a rich, dark green hue. Ready to make the switch? Read on to start caring for your lawn without the use of chemicals.


What is Natural Lawn Care?

Natural lawn care is the practice of caring for your lawn using non-toxic, non-synthetic products. They are primarily made with ingredients that come from nature, such as plant and animal components.


Natural lawn care products differ from synthetic lawn products, which are made from man-made materials. While synthetic lawn products are often extremely effective and offer immediate treatment for your lawn, they can have adverse effects to the environment, and are often not safe for pets and humans to touch with bare hands. Caring for your lawn naturally, on the other hand, requires a bit more patience, as the ingredients offer a slower, more gradual treatment process but pays off with the many benefits to you, your family, and planet earth.


Benefits of Natural Lawn Care

There are many benefits to switching to an all-natural lawn care routine. The main benefit is that it is environmentally friendly. Misusing synthetic products can result in chemical runoff leaching into your local water supply. By using natural lawn care products, you won’t have to worry about unintentional runoff or pollutants endangering the health of your community.


Another benefit of a natural lawn care routine is it supports a healthy soil microbial life, which is vital to growing a healthy lawn. Using a natural soil amendment enriched with humates, such as Jonathan Green Love Your Soil, helps stimulate and feed these microbes to build a humus reserve, which offers vital nutrients and disease resistance.


Whereas many traditional fertilizers should not be applied during warm months, natural lawn care products can be applied year-round, without harm to your grass! With Jonathan Green natural lawn care products, you can safely feed your lawn, repel insects, and control weeds in spring, summer, or fall, without worrying about burning or damaging your lawn.


Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed varieties pair perfectly with any natural lawn care routine. Unlike other grass seed brands, Black Beauty grass seed is 100% pure seed, made with no coating or fillers. Growing an all-natural lawn with Black Beauty grass seed is ideal, as its natural dark green color requires less fertilizer than other grass seed brands and is insect and disease resistant.


How to Make the Switch to Natural Lawn Care

Want to grow a beautiful, lush green lawn without the use of harsh chemicals? It’s simple! Below are some steps you can take to help you get started:


1. Test your soil pH

Before trying natural lawn care products, test your soil to make sure your lawn has a healthy environment for proper grass growth and root development. Lawns with soils that are too acidic or too alkaline encourage the growth of weeds, decrease healthy microbial activity, and hinder access to nutrients.


Use a soil pH test kit to determine if your soil pH is within an optimal range. Lawns with a healthy pH have a range between 6.2 to 7.0 (slightly acidic to neutral). If you find your soil pH is unbalanced, add natural lawn care products such as Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Acidic & Hard Soil to rapidly raise soil pH that is too acidic or Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil to lower soil pH that is too alkaline.


2. Add natural soil amendments or compost to your lawn’s soil 

Adding a natural soil amendment or homemade compost to your lawn’s soil helps to stimulate beneficial soil microbes, improve texture, and make it easy for your lawn to access air, nutrients, and water.


Jonathan Green Love Your Soil is a natural soil amendment that aerates the soil using gypsum (a natural loosening agent) and supports a healthy microbial life. Using Love Your Soil eliminates the need of using heavy, unwieldy core aerators and naturally creates healthy, loose soil for your grass to grow in.


3. Feed your lawn with natural lawn fertilizer 

Lawn fertilizer supplies your grass with the nutrients it needs for maintaining a lush green color, a strong root system, and insect and disease resistance. Using a natural lawn fertilizer is a great way to supply your lawn with all the nutrients it needs without chemicals!


Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food contains food-grade organic ingredients, such as feather meal and soybean meal, to gently feed your lawn. It also contains iron to offer a deep greening to both established and newly seeded lawns.


Natural lawn fertilizer requires some patience compared to quick-release synthetic fertilizers, as the soil microbes need time to break down nutrients so they can be absorbed by grass roots. The benefit of using a natural lawn fertilizer, however, is that you won’t risk burning your lawn, and kids and pets can enter the lawn immediately after you apply it!


4. Use natural weed control to prevent lawn weeds

Using pre-emergent weed control is a great way to get ahead of weed infestations and prevent them from ruining your lawn. Natural weed preventer, such as Jonathan Green Corn Gluten Weed Preventer plus Lawn Food, is an eco-friendly alternative to controlling and preventing weeds from germinating.


Corn Gluten Weed Preventer uses the power of corn gluten, which acts as natural weed control, to hinder root formation of weed plants and kill them before they reach maturity.


Natural weed control may require more than one application to prevent weed infestations from returning year after year. The natural ingredients in it, however, are beneficial for both your lawn and the environment. Unlike synthetic weed killers, Corn Gluten Weed Preventer is also a pet-safe weed killer that can be applied around your furry friends!


5. Repel lawn insects with natural insect control 

Many insect controls require the use of harmful chemicals to repel insects from your yard, making it an inconvenience for you and your family to use your lawn for play.


Jonathan Green Natural Insect Control is a non-toxic, natural lawn care product that uses an all-natural proprietary blend of plant oils to kill and repel lawn insects. Unlike synthetic insecticides, it’s safe to use around kids and pets and has no effect on mammals, birds, or fish.


The Bottom Line

Switching to a natural lawn care routine is beneficial for both the health of your lawn and the environment. By using natural lawn fertilizer and other natural lawn care products made with non-toxic, all-natural ingredients, you’ll give your lawn the nutrients to grow healthy and strong and a safe place for your kids and pets to play!


Browse the full Jonathan Green Natural Lawn Care line today! Your lawn (and the Earth) will thank you for it.

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