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All the lawn products and expertise you need for a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that’s perfect for making memories.

Why Choose Jonathan Green

Premium Products

We are driven by our commitment to innovation and to offering only the highest quality grass seed, lawn, and soil improvement products on the market.

Small Business

You won’t find us in big box stores. We believe in supporting local businesses and know that our retailers will provide you with helpful personalized lawn care advice.

Family Business

We’re a six-generation family business with a turfgrass research farm where we work hard to grow and perfect our patented high-performance grass seed.

Find the Perfect Product for Your Lawn

Answer a few questions to get personalized lawn product recommendations that are perfect for your yard.

"After I seeded with Black Beauty Ultra and I noticed such a dramatic color difference, right then I knew I wanted a whole lawn of Pure JG Black Beauty Ultra."

Mark H. Happy Homeowner

"I have at least 5 different friends using [Jonathan Green] products after seeing my yard. Looking forward to overseeding with Black Beauty again this year."

Josh L. Lawn Enthusiast

"Bottom line, my lawn is beautiful again and I know if I ever have lawn questions or need advice, the knowledgeable, friendly people at JG are there to help."

Ann B. Kentucky Homeowner

"I started to use Black Beauty Ultra seeds and other JG products and this is what my grass looks like (it’s so dark and thick green and looks like a Leprechaun threw up green on it)."

Anthony P. New Hampshire Homeowner

"I couldn’t be happier about the results of this front lawn renovation!! It’s so thick and lush."

Bill P. Happy Lawn Owner

"After a rough summer, dethatch and throwing down JG Black Beauty Ultra and what a difference it made. The lawn is surely a head-turner."

Alex M. Lawn Enthusiast

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Show Us Your Lawn!

We would love to see a photo of your incredible lawn! Jonathan Green customers are encouraged to compete in the annual lawn contest and be entered to win prizes. Do you think your lawn is a winner?

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Quality Grass Seed & Lawn Care Products

Our Lawn Legacy

For six generations, our family has been perfecting our quality grass seed products to create premium mixtures and blends. Our goal has always been to help you spend less time worrying about your lawn and more time enjoying it. Today, we offer an exciting variety of grass seed mixtures for various regions and seasons so homeowners, landscapers, and turfgrass professionals across the country can buy high-quality grass seed that will ensure a successful seeding.

What Sets Us Apart

Your lawn will never be better than the grass seed you plant it with. High-quality grass seed mixtures are the foundation of every thick, healthy lawn that will tolerate heat and survive drought. Our premium grass seed products will help you grow and maintain a lawn that doesn’t just look great but is also easy to care for—even as the weather and seasons change.

If you’re shopping for grass seed online, you can’t go wrong with one of Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty grass seed mixtures. This signature grass was bred from two exceptional species of tall fescue grasses—one found in the frigid northern Michigan climate and the other from the edge of the hot Sahara Desert. This innovation makes the grass thrive year round—making it a favorite for both homeowners and professionals.

Premium grass seed from Jonathan Green does a lot more than just improve the look of your lawn—it can also reduce soil erosion, absorb rainfall, help filter groundwater, and improve overall air quality! Shop our selection of quality grass seed and other superior lawn care products today and you’ll have the lawn of your dreams in no time.

More Than Just Seed

In addition to quality grass seed, Jonathan Green provides you with all the other essential lawn care products you need to grow a lush lawn that’s vibrant green and exceptionally healthy. This includes soil amendments, lawn fertilizer, weed control and prevention, insect and disease control, and more. With the full line of lawn care products from Jonathan Green—your dream lawn can soon be a reality!

Three bags of Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra quality grass seed placed on a lawn with blooming flowers in the background.

Find Us in a Local Store!

Find Us in a Local Store!

Shopping locally makes a real impact on individuals and communities, which is why you’ll never find Jonathan Green in any big box stores.

Save On Shipping

Buy local and avoid unwanted shipping costs and concerns.

Support Your Local Community

Shop small to boost the local economy and create jobs.

Expert Advice from In-Store Representatives

Get grass seed and lawn care answers from trained in-store experts.

Grab Your Free Lawn Care Guide!

All of the secrets you need to know to grow an amazing lawn.

Need Some Lawn Inspiration?

Even we’re amazed by the robust, beautiful lawns customers achieve with Jonathan Green.