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Lawn Weed Control

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  • Contains Trimec to control broadleaf weeds
  • Controls 200+ lawn weeds including dandelions and chickweed
  • Use any time of year when weeds are actively growing, spring through fall
  • Safe for cool- and warm-season grasses
Real Lawn Weed Control Lawns
Product Overview
Jonathan Green Lawn Weed Control contains Trimec®, a herbicide that suppresses broadleaf weeds when they are actively growing. Lawn Weed Control kills hard to control weeds such as dandelions, clover, henbit, oxalis, wild onion, and over 200 other weeds. For optimal results, spread this product on a moist lawn so the weed control granules stick to the plant leaves.

Lawn Weed Control is safe to use on all types of cool- and warm-season grasses when you want to kill weeds but have no intention of seeding or fertilizing. For particularly difficult weeds, make a second application of Lawn Weed Control 30 days after the first application.

Note: This product will not kill crabgrass, which is a grassy (not broadleaf) weed.
Coverage Guide


Coverage Amount
10 lb.
Up to 5,000 sq. ft.
30 lb.
Up to 15,000 sq. ft.
How Do I Calculate My Lawn Size? First measure the length and width of your lawn. Then multiply the length by the width and deduct the square footage of any non-lawn areas (landscape bed, patio, deck, pool, etc.) from the total. Now you know how much product you need to purchase!
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  • We ship orders the same day if placed by 2PM EST (later orders will be shipped the next day).
  • Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.
  • We offer ground and expedited shipping.


  • We offer 30-day free returns for replacement or full refund for items that are damaged or defective (shipping included). If damaged by the carrier, please file a claim with them.
  • If your items have been used or aren’t in the original packaging, we will give you a refund (minus the cost of shipping) based on the condition of the product.

View our complete shipping and return policy. If you have questions about your order, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].

Don’t Forget These Essentials

  • Controls over 200+ types of broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, clover, henbit, oxalis, wild onion, and more. For the full list of weeds, please read the product label.

  • 2,4D, MCPP, and Dicamba (Trimec®)

  • Post-Emergent

  • Apply in spring , summer, or fall when broadleaf weeds are actively growing. Apply in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours to help ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area.

    • The maximum broadcast application rate is 2.0 pounds of product per 1,000 sq.ft. per application.
    • The maximum number of broadcast applications is limited to 2 per year with a minimum of 30 days between applications.
    • The maximum seasonal rate is 4.0 pounds of product per 1,000 sq.ft.
  • No

    • After applying Lawn Weed Control – wait 30 days to plant grass seed
    • After seeding – wait 30 days to apply Lawn Weed Control
  • We don’t recommend applying two of our weed controls or fertilizers together, as you risk burning your lawn. You can, however, apply two of these products together if one has fertilizer and the other one doesn’t. The rule of thumb is: if two products have different functions, it is usually possible to apply them together.

  • Apply to a damp lawn. The particles need to cling to the leaves of the weeds for the herbicide to work.

  • It is safe to re-enter the lawn area 48 hours after application. In this time the product has moved from the plant’s leaf to the roots, making it safe for children, pets etc to use the lawn.


    Follow all label directions for products that contain pesticide controls for re-entry instructions. All control products have been screened by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are properly labeled for use on lawns or gardens. Please read and follow all label directions.

  • Our recommendations for storing your weed control:


    Place it in a cool dry place, off of the ground, out of direct sunlight, and keep it away from moisture. Keep bags (especially that have already been opened) containing unused product in a locked storage area inaccessible to children and pets. Do not store near feed or foodstuffs.


    To prevent cross-contamination, do not store near open containers of fertilizer, seed or other pesticides. Under these conditions, weed controls will last at least two years.

    • Carefully read all instructions prior to application
    • Harmful if absorbed through skin. Harmful if inhaled. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Avoid breathing dust. Can cause moderate eye irritation.
    • Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when applying this product, such as gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and shoes with socks. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse
    • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating or drinking
    • Do not apply near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches.
    • Do not apply if heavy rain is expected.
    • Apply this product only to your lawn or garden and sweep any product that lands on the driveway, sidewalk or street back onto your lawn or garden.
    • This pesticide is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates and may adversely affect non-target plants. To protect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters.
  • Always read and follow the product label before use.




    Safety Data Sheets can be found at www.jonathangreen.com/safety-data-sheets-sds. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.


spreader product


spreader product


spreader product


spreader product


Step 1/4

Who makes your spreader?

Jonathan GreenScottsAgri-FabBrinly-HardyCycloneEarthway / AmesEchoGreenViewLescoOrthoPrecision / Red DevilPrizeLAWNQuaker / Lawn CrafterRepublic / EZSpykerSta-GreenVigoro

Don’t see your spreader here? Contact the manufacturer or review your spreader’s manual.


Step 2/4

What type of spreader are you using?

Rotary Drop Handheld


Step 3/4

What is the model of your spreader?

Agri-Fab Push Broadcast Agri-Fab Tow Broadcast Agri-Fab Drop Agri-Fab Tow Drop BS 26,36 Cyclone Rotary EV-N-SPRED® Broadcast Earthway Rotary Ames Broadcast Earthway Drop Ames Drop Echo RB 60 Jet Spred III Drop Spred Standard Deluxe and Pro Green-Meter Hand Crank Lesco (Lettered) Lesco (Numbered) Ortho Rotary Ortho Drop Precision Rotary Red Devil Rotary Precision Drop Red Devil Drop Prizelawn CBR III Prizelawn CBR IV Prizelawn Lil\' Foot Lawn Crafter Broadcast EZ Broadcast EZ Drop All Rotary Turf Builder Classic AccuGreen 2000-3000 AccuGreen 1000 Scotts PF4 Spyker Rotary Rotary Vigoro Drop

Don’t see your spreader model here? Contact the manufacturer or review your spreader’s manual.


Step 4/4

Select the rate that best suits your lawn needs.

Depending on the type of product you selected there may only be one application rate.

Regular Rate - 2 lb per 1000 sq ft

Note: “New lawn” indicates that you are starting a lawn from bare dirt vs overseeding or applying product to an existing lawn.


Lawn Weed Control

Your Spreader Setting is:

Start over
  • When can I apply broadleaf weed controls to newly
    seeded grass?

    Before applying broadleaf weed control to newly seeded grass, you must wait until the newly sprouted grass has been mowed three times or wait at least 30 days, whichever time frame is longer.


    If applied too soon after grass germination, broadleaf weed control will kill or weaken young seedlings.


    Remember, the three-mow rule is for new grass only, not for seeding into an established lawn. The rate of growth for established lawns is different from that of seedlings.


    Before applying any herbicide, carefully read and follow label instructions.

  • Can I use Veri-Green with Crabgrass Preventer and
    Lawn Weed Control at the same time?

    Yes, if you apply Veri-Green Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Fertilizer first, water it in and then apply Lawn Weed Control while the lawn is still wet. Aim for a day where no rain is forecast for 48 hours and temperatures are under 85° and not humid for 48 hours after the herbicide application.

Features You’ll Love

If you have multiple species of weeds to kill, it may be hard to know where to start. Our Lawn Weed Control works on more than 200 broadleaf weeds and can be applied year round because it’s fertilizer free—so you never have to worry about burning your lawn.

Controls Over 200+ Types of Broadleaf Weeds

Lawn Weed Control is very simple to use! In one easy application, rid your lawn of 200+ broadleaf weeds including dandelions, chickweed, clover, buckwheat, and more!
Controls Over 200+ Types of Broadleaf Weeds

Use Any Time Weeds are Actively Growing

You don’t have to worry about burning your lawn in the hot weather with Lawn Weed Control. This product is free of fertilizer, so it can be applied any time from spring through fall when broadleaf weeds are actively growing.
Use Any Time Weeds are Actively Growing

How to Apply


  • Lawn Weed Control should only be spread where weeds are visibly present.
  • Spread in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours to help ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area.
  • Mow the lawn 1 to 2 days before spreading the product.
  • Ensure the grass is moist before applying. If the grass is not already wet from dew, lightly water the lawn to allow the granules to adhere to the surface of the weeds.


  • We recommend using a spreader to evenly distribute the product onto your lawn.
  • Check to make sure the spreader opening at the bottom of the hopper is closed.
  • Set the spreader according to the recommended setting on the packaging or use our Spreader Settings Tool above.
  • Push the lever forward only when ready to spread.
  • Apply around the perimeter of the lawn to establish a turning area. Then run the spreader back and forth within the area outlined by your first perimeter application. Always allow overlap to avoid gaps in coverage.


  • Do not water the lawn for at least 24 hours after application.
  • To avoid staining and prevent runoff, sweep any excess weed control granules off of hard surfaces and onto the lawn.
  • Do not seed the lawn for 30 days after application.
Lawn Weed Control 5,000 sq. ft.
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