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Explore Spreaders

We sell everything you need to grow a beautiful, healthy lawn. From the highest-quality grass seed, products to help you fix your soil, we offer everything you need to grow a lawn you love.

Explore Spreaders

Growing the lawn of your dreams starts with the right tools! Jonathan Green lawn spreaders are specially designed to help you easily apply lawn care products to your lawn. We offer a variety of lawn spreaders, including grass seed spreaders, rotary spreaders and handheld spreaders that quickly and efficiently distribute grass seedfertilizerssoil foodsweed controls, and more!


Unlike other lawn spreaders, Jonathan Green lawn spreaders eliminate the need of using multiple spreaders to apply lawn care products. A Jonathan Green spreader is one tool you can use to apply all of your lawn care products, from grass seed to weed control and everything in between!


Whether you’re new to lawn care or a seasoned pro, investing in a quality grass seed spreader is one of the best decisions you can make for your lawn. Lawn spreaders ensure that all of your lawn care products are spread evenly throughout your yard for optimal results. Lawn spreaders also help you apply the correct amount of product to your lawn, avoiding fertilizer burn or under applying. Read on for more information on using and selecting the best spreader for your lawn.


Types of Lawn Spreaders

There are several types of lawn spreaders. They are: drop spreaders, rotary spreaders, or handheld spreaders.


Drop Spreaders

Drop spreaders are used to accurately and uniformly cover smaller areas of the lawn. As its name suggests, drop spreaders help to drop specific amounts of product in rows for improved accuracy. Drop spreaders also offer the benefit of not wasting on product on a sidewalk or driveway.


The downside to using a drop spreader is that they can be time-consuming and cover less ground than a rotary spreader, which allows you to cover a large area in a short amount of time.


Rotary Spreaders

Rotary spreaders are used to cover larger areas or lawn projects, such as seeding a large lawn or sports fields.


If you want to seed a new lawn or have a larger area to cover with product, Jonathan Green Standard Rotary Spreader is right for you! This rotary lawn spreader holds up to 40 lbs of product and spreads a 10 ft. swath, meaning less work to cover your entire lawn. It also features large, durable tires, making it easy to push over rocks and depressions.


Jonathan Green rotary spreaders also come in a deluxe and professional version to suit a variety of lawn care needs. Jonathan Green Deluxe Rotary Spreader holds up to 60 lbs of product and includes a height-adjustable handle and a hopper cover to prevent spills. The Jonathan Green Pro Spreader holds up to 100 lbs of product and is perfect for lawn professionals and landscapers who want to cover large lawns quickly.


Hand Spreaders

Handheld spreaders are used for smaller areas and lawn projects, such as seeding bare spots, spot applications of weed control, and applying ice melter.


Our Jonathan Green Hand Spreader is a lightweight, easy-to-use handheld lawn spreader that is perfect for spreading grass seed, soil amendments, and fertilizer on smaller lawns and gardens. It features an ergonomic handle that allows your forearm to support the weight of the product and prevent back injuries. This is a great option for smaller applications of fertilizer, and weed control or seeding a few bare spots in your lawn.


How to Use a Spreader

Using a lawn spreader is the easiest, most efficient way to apply your lawn care products. While you might prefer spreading them by hand, this practice is time-consuming and won’t ensure the ease and accuracy you get with a lawn spreader. Follow these five, simple steps:

  1. Check the back of the product bag for the correct spreader setting
  2. Spin the dial on your spreader to the correct setting
  3. Close the hopper at the bottom of the spreader
  4. Fill the spreader with product on your driveway or sidewalk to avoid excess product spilling onto your lawn
  5. Apply the product by first walking around the perimeter of your lawn, then making passes back and forth until your entire lawn is covered.

Spreader Tips

When used properly, spreaders are the best tools to efficiently and evenly distribute grass seed, fertilizer and soil foods onto your lawn. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the best use out of your spreader:

  • Read the instruction manual carefully prior to operating the spreader.
  • Check product bags for spreader settings or visit our Spreader Settings page.
  • Ensure that the port at the bottom of the spreader hopper is closed prior to use. This will help to avoid spilling product onto the ground.
  • Always fill your spreader on a driveway or sidewalk to avoid spilling excess product on your lawn.
  • Walk at a steady pace when using your spreader to distribute the product evenly on your lawn.
  • Clean and dry your spreader after each use and store away properly.
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