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Level Up Your Lawn Game

Unlock all of the secrets to growing an amazing lawn with our free lawn care guide.

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What’s Included?

Whether it’s your first attempt or you’ve tried to grow an amazing lawn before, our guide goes back to the basics to set you up for a lifetime of making memories on your lush Jonathan Green lawn.

Expert Advice

We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks from the pros at Jonathan Green in one comprehensive guide.

Seasonal Instructions

Learn when and how to apply the products uniquely suited to enhance your lawn.

Identify Issues

Get tips on how to diagnose and treat common weeds, diseases, and insects for a healthy lawn that’s easier to manage.

Learn How to Prep Your Lawn

Find the best grass seed for your yard and improve your soil to grow a healthy, green lawn you can maintain.

When to seed

How to choose grass seed

How to use your spreader

How to improve soil health


Learn How to Seed & Maintain

Once you have your seed and your soil is ready, we tell you everything you need to know to optimally seed your lawn and keep it healthy year after year.

New seeding vs overseeding

When to fertilize

Spreader and mowing tips

How to water

How to control weeds, fungus, and insects

Ready to Get Started?

You’re one click away from becoming a lawn expert. Prepare to become the envy of your neighborhood.