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Jonathan Green’s Turf-pro™ product line is uniquely formulated and priced for landscapers, contractors, and other turf professionals.

Why Professionals
Love Turf-pro™

The Turf-pro™ line of products is designed specifically for lawn care professionals. Wow your customers with high-quality seed and turf products from Jonathan Green.

Innovative Technology

Our plant breeders continuously develop new advanced varieties that are more heat, drought, and disease resistant.

Focus on Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is the foundation of a quality lawn. Enhance your soil’s microbiome with Turf-pro™ soil amendments and conditioners.

Reliable Results

With Turf-pro™ products you get reliable and repeatable results that keep your customers happy and coming back year after year.

Why Black Beauty Outperforms the Rest

Black Beauty grass seed mixtures are naturally dark-green in color—requiring less fertilizer. Our seed grows roots up to 4 feet deep and has a waxy coating that preserves moisture to make it more drought and heat tolerant. Once your customers experience growing a Black Beauty lawn, they’ll never forget it.

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Our Turf-pro™ Line

Enhance your lawn care programs with our full-line of premium, award-winning Black Beauty grass seed mixtures and lawn products formulated for professionals to achieve distinctive and appealing results that your customers will love.

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“As a landscaper, I have been using Jonathan Green Turf-pro™️ on all of my properties. The results have been so above par I decided to become a Turf-pro™️ dealer and it is the only brand we want to carry!”

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“Jonathan Green's Turf-pro™ products are far superior to those offered by other companies in and around New England. Thanks to Jonathan Green, our customers can now reliably achieve the results they are looking for season after season!”

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“When we first opened our store, one of the best decisions we made was to carry Jonathan Green turf products. Our landscapers and homeowners swear by them and are anxious to share their pictures and experiences. The grass is clearly superior for growing in this region, and almost sells itself.”

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“After years of getting great feedback from landscapers and retail customers when they use Jonathan Green, it was clear to us there was no other brand to carry. It’s nice to sell a brand that consistently provides great results and ensures that our landscaping customers keep coming back for more.”

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