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Jonathan Green Deluxe Broadcast Spreader

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  • Spreads grass seed, fertilizer, soil amendments and more!
  • Holds up to 60 lbs of product
  • Large air-filled 12-inch rubber tires
  • Little assembly required
Deluxe Broadcast Spreader Photos
Product Overview
Jonathan Green Deluxe Broadcast Spreader holds up to 60 pounds of product. The three-position height-adjustable handle allows the operator to stand up straight while pushing the spreader. The heavy-duty nylon gears and large 12-inch air-filled rubber tires make it easy to push a full spreader over rocks, roots, and depressions in the lawn. Spreads a 10-foot swath which means less work to cover the entire lawn.

The Deluxe Rotary Spreader comes with a hopper screen that hinders chunks of fertilizer from blocking the hole where the product exits the spreader and a rain cover to prevent spills if it’s knocked over.
Coverage Guide


Coverage Amount
60 lbs. of product.
Up to 15,000 sq. ft.
How Do I Calculate My Lawn Size? First measure the length and width of your lawn. Then multiply the length by the width and deduct the square footage of any non-lawn areas (landscape bed, patio, deck, pool, etc.) from the total. Now you know how much product you need to purchase!
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  • We ship orders the same day if placed by 2PM EST (later orders will be shipped the next day).
  • Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.
  • We offer ground and expedited shipping.


  • We offer 30-day free returns for replacement or full refund for items that are damaged or defective (shipping included). If damaged by the carrier, please file a claim with them.
  • If your items have been used or aren’t in the original packaging, we will give you a refund (minus the cost of shipping) based on the condition of the product.

View our complete shipping and return policy. If you have questions about your order, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].

Don’t Forget These Essentials

  • 60 lbs of product

  • 12 inches

  • 10 feet

  • Here are our top pro tips to get the best results with your lawn spreader:

    • Mow your lawn before applying products.
    • Check the product label for accurate application rates.
    • Always close the hopper before filling the spreader.
    • Fill the spreader with product on a hard surface, not on the lawn.
    • Walk at a steady pace to ensure even distribution.
    • When making turns close the hopper.
    • Sweep any product off of hard surfaces back onto the grass.
  • Always read and follow the product label before use.




    Safety Data Sheets can be found at www.jonathangreen.com/safety-data-sheets-sds. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How do I use a spreader?

    A spreader is a great tool to use for planting grass seed or feeding your lawn! To ensure you use it properly, carefully follow these instructions:


    1. Identify Your Spreader

    There are two types of spreaders: drop spreaders and rotary spreaders. Drop spreaders are most commonly used on smaller lawns and areas where you want to have a more localized application. Rotary spreaders have a circular, fan-like feature that allows the product to be dispersed across larger areas of grass.


    2. Check your Spreader Settings

    Spreader settings can be found on the back of most grass seed bags. Visit our spreader settings page to find the setting that corresponds to the specific Jonathan Green product you’ve selected. Spin the dial on your spreader to the correct setting.


    3. Close the Hopper

    Before you begin to use your spreader tool, make sure the port at the bottom of the tool is closed to avoid excess product spilling out onto the ground.


    4. Fill the Spreader

    Ensure that your spreader is closed before filling it and pour the correct amount of product into the spreader, being careful not to overfill it. Always make sure you are filling your spreader in a driveway or on the sidewalk to avoid spilling excess product onto your lawn.


    5. Apply the Product

    It’s all in the technique! Walk at a steady pace while using your spreader to apply the product evenly to the entire lawn. We recommend first applying product around the perimeter of your lawn as a buffer zone and then making passes back and forth until the entire lawn is covered. Make sure to slightly overlap each pass so that you do not miss any strips of grass. Once you are finished, sweep any excess product off of hard surfaces and back onto the lawn.

  • What is a spreader setting?

    A spreader setting is the rate in which you apply product to your lawn.


    Each Jonathan Green product has recommended rates of application and coverage based on bag size. The application rate is defined as the amount of material applied per unit area of land. For grass seed and fertilizer, it is usually expressed in pounds. Therefore, Application Rate = Amount Applied (lbs.)/Area covered (sq.ft.). It is possible to change this application rate by changing the size of the opening at the bottom of your spreader’s hopper. In general, the smaller you set your spreader setting the smaller the hole and the slower the material releases from the hopper.


    There are many different brands of spreaders on the market, and, new or old, it is highly recommended to properly calibrate your spreader before the first use in the spring. Spreader settings are approximate, the spreader condition, ground speed pattern, and humidity can all impact the rate of application.

Features You’ll Love

Make working on your lawn a breeze with a premium, high-capacity broadcast spreader. Our Jonathan Green Deluxe Rotary Spreader has added features and is great for large lawns. It holds up to 60 lbs of product and is ergonomic and easy to push!

Deluxe Add-ons

It contains all of the great features of our standard rotary spreader with even more to love, including a hopper screen and a rain cover to prevent spills
Deluxe Add-ons

Easy to Push

Our innovative design eliminates straining to spread lawn products. Includes large, air-filled 12-inch tires for easy pushing and maneuvering.
Easy to Push

Holds 60 lbs of Product

Let this spreader do all the heavy lifting! It holds up to 60 lbs of product with ease. It also spreads a 10 ft. swath, meaning less work to cover your entire lawn.
Holds 60 lbs of Product

How to Use


  • Check the port at the bottom of the spreader hopper to ensure that it is closed.
  • Pour the product into the spreader — leaving two inches of room at the top.
  • Review the Spreader Settings Tool to select the proper setting for your product.
  • To begin spreading, pull the handle toward you to open the port and release the product.
  • Walk at a steady pace to disperse the product evenly.
  • When making turns or stopping, push the handle away from you to close the port.
  • Allow a few feet between passes to ensure an even distribution across the lawn.


  • After each use, clean any remaining product out of the hopper.
  • Rinse and dry the inside and outside of the spreader after each use.
  • Store in a clean, dry place.
  • Recommended tire pressure 25 psi.
  • Never exceed load capacity.
Jonathan Green Deluxe Broadcast Spreader
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