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Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair

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  • Quickly patch and repair stubborn bare spots and pet-damaged areas
  • All-in-one lawn patch solution contains Black Beauty® Ultra grass seed, coconut coir, rice mulch, and starter lawn fertilizer
  • Biodegradable mulch disappears into the soil
  • Grows well in both sun and shade
  • Germinates within 14 days
Real Bare Spots Repaired with Patcher
Product Overview
Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair is the ultimate solution for lawn enthusiasts seeking an all-in-one product designed to easily repair bare spots and pet damaged areas of the lawn.

With its unique blend of Black Beauty® Ultra grass seed, coconut coir, rice mulch, and starter fertilizer (1 - 2 - 1), Black Beauty® Patcher delivers unrivaled performance. We've packed in 20% more grass seed than other patching mixtures on the market, providing you more coverage per container. Witness the remarkable transformation as this superior mix effortlessly merges with your existing lawn.

Our seed establishment mulch ensures the seedbed remains moist and prevents seedlings from drying out. Made from eco-friendly coconut coir and rice mulch, this biodegradable mulch enriches the soil and completely decomposes.

Black Beauty® Patcher features our most popular grass seed mix, Black Beauty® Ultra grass seed – a blend of Black Beauty® tall fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass. Within a mere 14 days, your lawn will be graced with vibrant, resilient grass seedlings that flourish in both sunny and shady lawns.

Revitalize your lawn effortlessly with Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair and witness the difference for yourself.
Coverage Guide


3 lb. Jug.
Up to 130 sq. ft.
7 lb. Bag.
Up to 300 sq. ft.
How Do I Calculate My Lawn Size? First measure the length and width of your lawn. Then multiply the length by the width and deduct the square footage of any non-lawn areas (landscape bed, patio, deck, pool, etc.) from the total. Now you know how much product you need to purchase!
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Don’t Forget These Essentials

  • Each jug and/or bag of Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair contains a combination of:

  • Tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass

  • 1 – 2 – 1

  • For cool-season lawns, the best time to apply grass seed is in fall (between mid-August to mid-October), or in spring (between mid-March to mid-May). For grass seed to germinate, soil temperatures must be at least 55°F. Best root growth occurs between 55° and 70°. If soil temperatures are at or above 75°, seedling root establishment will not occur.
  • 5+ hours of sunlight per day

  • 10 – 14 days

  • Yes, the mulch in Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair will biodegrade into the soil.

  • Black Beauty Patcher can be applied with any of our soil amendments. We do not recommend applying it with any weed controls, or fertilizers. You must wait at least 30 days to seed after applying weed control. For a full list of wait times, visit this FAQ page.

    • After applying, water the bare spot gently allowing the mulch to absorb it. Avoid over-watering and pooling. Keep the area moist until the grass has germinated and grown to at least 2 inches.
    • A good rule of thumb for established lawns, is to give them one inch of water per week including rainfall. To avoid your lawn going dormant in the summer, you may need to increase your watering rate.
    • Begin mowing your new grass when the turf has reached a height of 3 – 4 inches.
    • Be careful not to scalp your lawn, as low mowing will stress the root system and encourage the growth of weeds. When mowing, only take off the top third of the grass blade.
  • Our recommendations for storing your grass seed: Place it in a cool dry place, off of the ground, out of direct sunlight, and keep it away from moisture. Under these conditions, grass seed will last at least two years.

  • Always read and follow the product label before use.




    Safety Data Sheets can be found at www.jonathangreen.com/safety-data-sheets-sds. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Urine Burn

    Small amounts of urine may produce a green up or fertilizer effect while larger amounts often result in lawn burn or dead patches. To help prevent urine damage, pour water on the area after the dog has gone to dilute the urine. For a quick fix, rake out the dead grass and apply Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair.

  • Can new grass seed blend in with my existing lawn?

    Yes, Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed should blend in with most cool-season grass varieties. Jonathan Green grass seed is formulated to grow best in the northern half of the U.S. therefore we don’t recommend overseeding warm-season lawns with our seed if you want it to blend in nicely with your existing grass.


    When overseeding bare spots, we recommend two things: 

    • Put some seed around the surrounding area of the bare spot to aid in your grass looking more uniform and blended. Allow time for the new grass seed to blend in with your existing lawn.
    • Initially, it may look a little different if your lawn is originally seeded with a different type of grass seed. Over time however, it will most likely blend in and give your lawn a more uniform appearance.

Features You’ll Love

Have stubborn bare spots or a dog that makes patches in your lawn? Use our Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair to quickly and easily restore damaged sections of your lawn with Beautiful Black Beauty Ultra grass seed.

Just Rake, Shake, and Water In!

Repair unsightly bare spots in three easy steps. Just rake the bare spot to create grooves in the soil, shake Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair over the bare spot, and water it in!
Just Rake, Shake, and Water In!

Blends in with Most Cool-Season Lawns

Contains 20% more grass seed than any other patching product on the market for more uniform coverage of bare spots.
Blends in with Most Cool-Season Lawns

Cutting-Edge Coconut Coir Technology

The biodegradable mulch includes rice mulch and all-natural coconut pith—supporting better seed-to-soil contact and enhanced seed germination.
Cutting-Edge Coconut Coir Technology

How to Apply



Lightly rake over bare spots with a metal rake to remove dead grass and debris. Rake the soil to create a loosened seed bed.

Add Topsoil

If needed, add additional topsoil to fill in holes and level the ground.


Spread product

Shake the bag (or jug) prior to the application of this product. Spread the contents of Black Beauty® Patcher Bare Spot Repair evenly on the loosened soil. Rake lightly to achieve even coverage.



Water the bare spot gently after application, allowing the mulch to absorb it. Water the area daily for 1 to 2 weeks, then water once a week, or as needed when the mulch dries out. It is important to water the seedbed for sufficient grass seed germination and expansion of the mulch to provide soil coverage.


New grass should start to germinate in 14 days but may take during a colder spring season. Seed germinates once soil temperatures reach 55°F. Patcher mulch will eventually biodegrade into the soil.


Begin mowing the bare spot when the new grass has reached a height of 3 – 4 inches. Make sure the mower has sharp blades. Be careful not to scalp the lawn. Low mowing will stress the root system and encourage the growth of weeds.

Black Beauty® Patcher Lawn Bare Spot Repair 3 lb.
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