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Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator

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  • Biodegradable green mulch that controls erosion when seeding
  • Contains starter fertilizer to encourage deeper rooting
  • Keeps the seedbed moist to hasten germination
  • Conceals seed from birds
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
Real Lawns that Used Top Dress
Product Overview
Jonathan Green Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator is a 100% recycled paper mulch. It covers and protects new grass seedlings, prevents washouts and erosion of the seedbed, and conceals the seed from birds. Good seed-to-soil contact and consistent moisture are required to get new turfgrass seedlings off to a proper start. Jonathan Green Top-Dress™ helps hold newly planted grass seed in place while keeping the seedbed moist. Top-Dress replaces the need for straw mulch, eliminating messy cleanup. Top-Dress contains starter fertilizer (1-0-0) to promote deep rooting.

Once the new grass plants are rooted, the mulch biodegrades and disappears into the soil so there is no need for removal. Mow the new lawn when the turfgrass grows three inches tall. Germination time depends on the seed mixture planted.
Coverage Guide


Flat Lawns
Sloped Lawns
15 lb.
Up to 250 sq. ft.
Up to 200 sq. ft.
45 lb.
Up to 750 sq. ft.
Up to 600 sq. ft.
How Do I Calculate My Lawn Size? First measure the length and width of your lawn. Then multiply the length by the width and deduct the square footage of any non-lawn areas (landscape bed, patio, deck, pool, etc.) from the total. Now you know how much product you need to purchase!
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Don’t Forget These Essentials

  • 100% recycled paper (cellulose fiber), corn fiber, green dye, and grass seed starter fertilizer (1% controlled release nitrogen)

  • 1-0-0

  • Spread Top Dress™ Seedling Cover & Growth Accelerator after applying grass seed to the prepared area.


    For cool-season lawns, the best time to apply grass seed is in fall (between mid-August to mid-October), or in spring (between mid-March to mid-May). For grass seed to germinate, soil temperatures must be at least 55°F. Best root growth occurs between 55° and 70°. If soil temperatures are at or above 75°, seedling root establishment will not occur.
  • Yes, the mulch degrades into the soil once the new grass plants are rooted.

  • Place it in a cool dry place, off of the ground, out of direct sunlight, and keep it away from moisture. Keep bags (especially that have already been opened) containing unused product in a locked storage area inaccessible to children and pets. Do not store near feed or foodstuffs.


    To prevent cross-contamination, do not store near open containers of fertilizer, seed or other pesticides. Under these conditions, fertilizer will last at least two years.

  • Always read and follow the product label before use.




    Safety Data Sheets can be found at www.jonathangreen.com/safety-data-sheets-sds. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Who makes your spreader?

Jonathan GreenScotts

Don’t see your spreader here? Contact the manufacturer or review your spreader’s manual.


Step 2/4

What type of spreader are you using?

Rotary Handheld Drop


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What is the model of your spreader?

Standard Rotary Deluxe and Pro Hand Crank All Rotary Turf Builder Classic AccuGreen 2000-3000 AccuGreen 1000 Evengreen

Don’t see your spreader model here? Contact the manufacturer or review your spreader’s manual.


Step 4/4

Select the rate that best suits your lawn needs.

Depending on the type of product you selected there may only be one application rate.

Overseeding RateNew Lawn Rate

Note: “New lawn” indicates that you are starting a lawn from bare dirt vs overseeding or applying product to an existing lawn.


Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator

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Features You’ll Love

Protect and accelerate new grass seedlings with our Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator—preventing erosion, deterring birds, and ensuring consistent moisture for faster germination.

Seed Protection Solution

Top Dress™ mulch safeguards grass seed from wind and water erosion while effectively concealing it from birds.
Seed Protection Solution

Starter Fertilizer Promotes Deep Roots

The starter fertilizer in Top Dress™ nourishes grass seedlings for deeper rooting and enhanced germination.
Starter Fertilizer Promotes Deep Roots

Keep Seeds Hydrated

New grass seedlings need consistent moisture to keep them from drying out and to hasten germination. The mulch in Top-Dress™ holds up to 3 - 4 times its weight in water, keeping new seedlings moist and hydrated.
Keep Seeds Hydrated

How to Apply


Spread grass seed over the planting area. Refer to the back of the grass seed bag for how to apply.



Wear gloves to spread Top Dress™ by hand or use a lawn spreader set to the largest opening.


Rake the Top Dress™ mulch evenly over the seeded area. Some soil and grass seed should be visible through the mulch.


Apply Top Dress™ only on lawns and gardens and sweep any product that lands on the sidewalk or driveway back onto the lawn.



Water the area after applying seed and Top Dress™ but do not overwater. Keep the top 1 inch of soil moist by watering daily for the first 14 days or until new grass growth appears. Then reduce watering to twice a week. Top Dress™ mulch will absorb the water and expand to cover the grass seed. Do not remove Top Dress™, it will biodegrade naturally.


Mow the new grass once it is 3 inches tall. Never scalp the grass by removing more than half the grass blade while mowing. This stresses the grass which results in thinning and bare spots.

Top Dress™ Seedling Cover and Growth Accelerator 600-750 sq. ft.
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