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Best Weed Preventer

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Weeds are symptomatic of a weakened turf. Growing a thick, healthy lawn is your first and best weed preventer. The professionals at Jonathan Green offer weed control tips that will tame even the weediest lawn and help you achieve a lush and vibrant landscape.

Jonathan Green has specialized in beautiful lawns since 1881. Six generations of the family have worked to perfect our genetically superior grass seed and our family of lawn and soil care products. Our products will transform every aspect of your lawn to help it thrive like never before.

We are also leaders in organics and have developed an environmentally sound approach to lawn care called the New American Lawn Plan. The Plan combines our Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures with organic and traditional soil amendments, lawn fertilizers and control products that feed your lawn AND your soil so air, water and nutrients get absorbed by the grass.

Where Did the Weeds Come From?

They were always there. Weed seeds can remain dormant in the soil for years, and the weeds will wait for the proper environment to grow.

Tilling the soil, although it creates a nice seed bed, brings dormant and buried weed seeds to the surface.  Topsoil has weed seeds in it.  Processed loam has weed seeds in it.  Mulches have weeds in them.  Weed seeds are blown in by the wind.  And birds are another source for seed dispersal. The seeds they eat pass through their digestive system and are deposited on your lawn with a little bit of natural fertilizer! Yes, weeds are everywhere, but they can be properly controlled.

Lawn weeds can be divided into two main groups – grassy weeds (crabgrass, goosegrass, orchardgrass, etc.) and broadleaf weeds (dandelions, clover, chickweed, etc.). Our Weed Reference Guide will help you identify the weeds in your lawn.

Weed Prevention Solutions

Jonathan Green has several very effective, weed control and lawn food products that can be used on your lawn, including:

Jonathan Green Veri-Green Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Fertilizer: If you have too much crabgrass each year, apply this product in spring. It controls crabgrass before and after it germinates and contains the newest crabgrass-killing technology named Dimension® Crabgrass Control Herbicide. When applied in late summer through early fall, it also helps to control annual bluegrass (Poa annua) when it first germinates. Do not seed for 10 weeks if the regular rate was used and 16 weeks if the heavier rate was used.

Jonathan Green Corn Gluten Weed Preventer plus Lawn Food:  Organic Weed Preventer helps prevent the growth of certain broadleaf (dandelions, clover, chickweed, etc.) and grassy weeds (crabgrass, etc.). It contains a patented, highly concentrated corn gluten that prevents many of these common weeds and rivals some synthetic products. It will green up the lawn quickly and release organic proteins into the soil to encourage root development. Apply it to the lawn in the early spring and again in later spring, summer and fall, but do not apply grass seed for 60-90 days after applying this product.

When your lawn and soil are in harmony, the natural balance will ward off most weeds, insects and diseases, and improve the heat and cold tolerance of your grass. The soil will become more permeable and alive, allowing water, air and grass roots to penetrate into the soil more deeply and establish a better foundation for the grass to flourish.

The old saying, “Nothing grows like a weed” is true. For more help finding the best weed preventer, visit Jonathan Green online or visit your nearest independent retail store for advice.

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