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Insect Killer for Lawns

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For lawns that are overrun with insects, apply a good lawn insect killer such as Grub and Insect Control or Organic Insect Control from Jonathan Green.

The Jonathan Green name has represented genetically superior grass seed, innovation, integrity, determination, and a commitment to excellence since 1881. Today, six generations later, we remain committed to producing superior lawn and garden products.

We are also leaders in organics and have developed an environmentally sound approach to lawn care called the New American Lawn Plan. The Plan combines our Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures with organic and traditional soil amendments, lawn fertilizers and control products that feed your lawn AND your soil so air, water and nutrients get absorbed by the grass.

Turf Insects & Prevention

While most homeowners are zoned in on weeds every year, your yard may have some other destructive pests to worry about that can cause worse damage: turf insects. They include but are not limited to chinch bugs, white grubs, mole crickets, billbugs, weevil larvae, armyworms and sod webworms.

Jonathan Green Natural Grub & Insect Control controls more than 25 lawn-damaging pests, including grubs and surface feeding insects.  This systemic insecticide contains Imidacloprid and Lambda-cyhalothrin technology and can be used on lawns, flower beds, and ornamentals, and one application between mid-July and early October will kill the grubs for the rest of the season. You may seed with this product.

Jonathan Green Natural Grub & Insect Control kills and repels over 100 insect pests including ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, earwigs, army worms, billbugs, beetles, mealybugs, millipedes, and many other lawn insects, with a patented blend of organic plant oils that have no adverse effects on mammals, birds or fish. This product uses scientific technology that is based on the natural defenses that plants use to protect themselves against insects and disease. The botanical formulas have strong repellency characteristics that keep new bugs from coming back into the area.

Of course, the best defense against most lawn problems, including insects, is a healthy turf. Regular watering, fertilization, mowing, and aerating can deter many bugs and help your lawn fight off others.

Along with mowing, be sure to also trim back bushes, ornamental shrubs, and tree branches. Also eliminate sources of moisture and standing water and pick up debris that falls onto your lawn. Depriving turf insects of easy food, drink, and shelter will make your lawn less appealing to grass-damaging opportunists.

For more help with insect killer for lawns, visit Jonathan Green online or stop by your nearest independent home and garden retailer.  They will help you identify which lawn pest control products will work best in your yard.

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