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Lawn Insect Control – When to Apply

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If patches of your lawn look dead even though you water them regularly, you may have an insect or grub problem. Find out the best products to use to control them and when to apply them from the knowledgeable team at Jonathan Green.

Jonathan Green has been growing beautiful, dark-green lawns since 1881.  We supply genetically superior cool-season grass seed and other lawn and soil care products to commercial sod growers and independent home and garden retailers in all areas of the United States where cool-season lawn grasses – Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fine Fescues – are grown.

We have also developed an environmentally sound and organic approach to lawn care called the New American Lawn Plan. By following this revolutionary plan, you will discover how to address the root of any lawn problems you have, instead of just battling the symptoms, such as insects and weeds. Our goal is to feed your lawn AND your soil to encourage your Black Beauty® lawn to thrive.

Control Insects and Grubs in Your Lawn

Jonathan Green Natural Grub & Lawn Insect Control repels grubs and kills more than 100 other lawn-damaging pests, including surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs, fleas, ants, and more!  This product is made of a proprietary blend of plant oils that is pollinator and eco-friendly. Free of neonicotinoids, Natural Grub & Lawn Insect Control kills all stages of the grub life cycle. Safe to use around children and pets.

How and when to apply Grub & Insect Control:

  • Apply from mid-summer to early fall
  • Safe to use on both warm and cool-season lawns
  • For heavy insect infestations, reapply every 4 to 6 weeks while insects are present.
  • You may seed with this product

For more help with insect control for your lawn, visit Jonathan Green online or stop by your local independent home and garden retailer where they will help you identify which insect control products will work best in your yard and when to apply them.

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