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Soil Test Kit

Soil Health
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Without the proper soil pH, you waste from 20% to 70% of the nutrients in your lawn fertilizer.  Take advantage of the best soil pH test kit from Jonathan Green to optimize your lawn’s growth and color.

About Us

Since 1881, Jonathan Green has specialized in beautiful lawns. Six generations of the Green family have perfected our genetically superior grass seed and our family of lawn and soil care products. Jonathan Green products will transform every aspect of your lawn to help it thrive like never before, and you will find it easier than ever to care for your yard.

Importance of Soil pH

The “p” in pH stands for “potential. The “H” stands for hydrogen. It’s a mathematic symbol that represents the logarithmic scale of the hydrogen ion.

On a scale of 1 to 14, a pH of 1 is very acidic, and a pH of 14 is very alkaline (or basic), while a pH reading of 7 is neutral.  Lawns grow best in soil that is slightly acidic to neutral (between 6.2 and a 7.0 on the pH scale).

Soil pH is a significant factor in lawn health – if the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, your grass will not absorb nutrients properly. Highly acidic soil can also damage grass plant roots.

Our pH Testers

Jonathan Green’s easy-to-use Soil pH Test Kit for Lawns determines pH levels in just five minutes. The kit includes one test tube, one capsule of powder, and one pH range color chart to help you identify the results.

Use either distilled water or rainwater with this test kit to get accurate pH readings. Tap water has been pH-adjusted by municipal water authorities and will affect the reading.

Another great option is Jonathan Green’s Pro pH & Moisture Soil Tester, which accurately measures soil pH and moisture levels to within 0.2 pH and a 10% moisture level in just two minutes. This high-quality professional tool is used by sod growers, golf course superintendents, sports field managers, and landscapers to determine the right time to add fertilizer and lime.

To use the pH Tester, start with enough soil. A coffee can tightly packed with about three cups of soil is a good sampling size. To get an accurate pH reading, the soil should be moist ((NOT soaking wet). Bone dry soil will not give you an accurate reading. If the soil needs to be moistened, spray it with a healthy amount of distilled water. (Tap water will provide an improper reading.)

Clean the three metal sensor rings on the pH Tester with a clean cloth and then polish them with the green pad that comes with the device. Then insert the probe into the soil to the top of the copper sensor ring, covering it completely. Make sure that the soil is tightly packed around the sensor rings. The pH will be fully calculated in 2 minutes.

When you need the best soil test kit for your lawn, visit Jonathan Green online or buy from these knowledgeable lawn retailers who can also provide you with valuable lawn care advice.

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