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When to Overseed Lawn in Minnesota

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If you are planning to overseed your lawn in Minnesota, it is essential that you do it at just the right time to ensure the best results. At Jonathan Green, we have been researching the best ways to grow and care for lawns for over 100 years and have developed a foolproof system. Today we supply genetically superior grass seed and an innovative family of products that will help you get the most out of your lawn.

Why Overseed Your Lawn

Over time, heat, wear and tear and other seasonal issues can cause your lawn to look warn and thin. Overseeding your lawn is done to fill in empty patches or replace grass that is looking brown. It can improve the density of your lawn and give it a much better color. Overseeding can also help crowd out weeds with fresh green grass. If you choose a high-quality seed, it can also help improve the drought tolerance of your lawn.

When to Overseed Your Lawn

There are two times a year that are best for overseeding your lawn – in the fall between August and October and in the spring from March until Mid-June.

Early fall is the very best time to reseed. Soil temperatures are still warm, which is necessary for optimum seed germination, and cooler air temperatures are better for grass growth. There will also be fewer weeds for the grass to compete with at this time of the year. With adequate sunlight, rainwater and fertilizer, you can expect the new grass seedlings to be well-established before the cooler fall weather arrives.

Many homeowners do overseed their lawns in the spring with Black Beauty Grass Seed mixtures and still enjoy great success because Black Beauty turfgrasses are so deeply rooted and drought tolerant.

Products to Use on Your Lawn

To ensure the best results, you should use the best products.

First, remove as many weeds as possible and get rid of rocks, sticks or other debris. Then cut the lawn short – from one to two inches in height. Use a soil pH tester to ensure that the pH is between 6.2 and 7.

To regulate the pH, we recommend our Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Acidic & Hard Soil. It not only rapidly corrects the pH but it also breaks up clay and compacted soil. This allows for better root growth and air and water penetration into the soil. It is also specially created to feed the soil microbes, making the lawn soil more alive and porous.

For proper seed germination, the soil should be fertilized. We have developed a fertilizer that supports the growth of fresh seed. Our Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding gets new seeds off to a fast start for a lawn that is thicker and more vibrant. It is also formulated for building a vigorous root system.

The most important part of the entire overseeding process is the grass seed itself. Our Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed is the pride of our company and is the result of generations of research and experimentation with the best varietals of cool season grasses. Made with elite varieties of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass it is a naturally dark green grass. It is drought resistant, heat tolerant, and has roots that grow up to four feet deep. It is the choice of homeowners and commercial sod growers alike.

If you are planning to overseed your lawn in Minnesota this fall, make sure you pick the products that ensure the best results. Visit us at JonathanGreen.com or get in touch with your nearest independent retail store for valuable lawn and garden advice.

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