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How to Overseed a Lawn

Overseeding a lawn is easy and the perfect way to thicken your lawn and make it greener! Simply follow the steps below to see how to overseed your lawn the right way with Jonathan Green:

1. Rake the ground thoroughly to remove any thatch, debris, and dead leaves. This step is especially important because it ensures that your grass seed makes good contact with the soil.

2. Spread the seed. We recommend applying seed with a spreader so that you can apply it in one even pattern across your lawn.

3. Water the newly planted grass seed. If the seeds start to germinate and dry out, they will not grow. Keeping the seedbed moist until all of the grass seed germinates (typically within 28 days from planting) is imperative to growing a beautiful lawn.

Video Transcript

Overseeding is the perfect way to thicken and green up your lawn and it can be done in three easy steps. 

First, rake your lawn to remove the dead grass and loosen the soil. Next, apply grass seed using a spreader to ensure a nice even application, and finally, water the lawn every day for the first few weeks to keep the seed bed moist. It’s extremely easy and your lawn will be looking thicker than ever in no time.