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Can new grass seed blend in with my existing lawn?


Yes, Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed should blend in with most cool-season grass varieties.

Jonathan Green grass seed is formulated to grow best in the northern half of the U.S. therefore we don’t recommend overseeding warm-season lawns with our seed if you want it to blend in nicely with your existing grass. 

Overseeding your entire lawn is a great way to give your lawn a good boost of color, fill in any thinning areas, and improve the overall health of your lawn without having to completely renovate your existing lawn. 


When overseeding bare spots, we recommend two things: 

  • Put some seed around the surrounding area of the bare spot to aid in your grass looking more uniform and blended
  • Allow time for the new grass seed to blend in with your existing lawn.


Initially, it may look a little different if your lawn is originally seeded with a different type of grass seed. Over time however, it will most likely blend in and give your lawn a more uniform appearance.       

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