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Do I have grubs?




If you suspect your lawn may be harboring grubs, keep an eye out for the following telltale signs:

  • Grass that easily pulls up with roots underneath.
  • Grass that lifts like a sheet being pulled back.
  • Brown spots are scattered across your lawn.
  • Irregular-shaped patches of dead grass.


To confirm the presence of grubs, there are two recommended tests:


Pull Test:

Perform a pull test by taking a handful of grass and gently tugging to check if the grass detaches from the soil easily. If it does, you likely have a grub issue.


Shovel Test:

For a more comprehensive assessment, conduct a shovel test. Dig a square plug from a section of your lawn suspected of grub damage, ensuring you dig to a depth of about six to eight inches to expose the roots. In both tests, closely examine the soil for active grubs and any signs of root damage. If grubs are detected, it’s advisable to initiate treatment for your lawn.


For additional guidance on controlling grubs, please read our article Got Grubs? How To Identify, Treat, and Prevent Lawn Grubs.

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