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How do I get rid of mushrooms?


To manage mushrooms, getting air movement in the soil is necessary to break up the existing dense fungal mat of mycelia.  Remove cores at least ¼” to 1 inch in diameter to a depth slightly deeper than the fungal mat.  Determine the depth of this mat with a trowel or shovel.  Love Your Soil or aeration may be needed in these areas a number of times each year to keep ahead of the regrowing mushrooms.  This helps to break up the fungal mat but also improves water and air penetration into the soil creating a better lawn growing environment.


To completely eradicate mushrooms, you may need to remove the soil to a depth of 12” to 18”.  Refill the trench with fresh soil and reseed the area.  Be careful not to infest any surrounding areas with the contaminated soil!  You also can apply lawn food to help the grass to grow and thrive; this hastens the breakdown of organic matter.  New sod lawn installations require frequent irrigation and sometimes promote the growth of mushrooms.  The mushrooms do not harm the lawn and will disappear when irrigation is reduced. Also in times of frequent, heavy rains you may see mushrooms pop up.

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