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Spotted spurge is a warm season weed that can be identified by its red stems and spotted oval leaves. It grows in a mat like fashion low and flat to the ground. This plant’s flowers are small and pink.


Spurge often appears in poor compacted soil or in weak areas of the lawn. It is easiest to prevent spurge by removing the weed before it flowers and goes to seed, when it can spread rapidly.


How to remove spurge:

  • Using gloves, pull the spurge from the ground by hand making sure to remove the entire root system of each plant
  • Cover areas that had spurge with several layers of newspaper or mulch to prevent spurge seeds from germinating or partially removed plants from growing back
  • If using an herbicide be sure to apply before spurge appears or at a very young stage as it is a tough weed that is resistant to many types of weed controls


The best way to ensure spurge does not come back year after year is to have a strong healthy lawn and soil.



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