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Dark Green Grass Seed

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Look no further than Jonathan Green for information about the best dark green grass seed and how to get the very best results from your lawn.

Jonathan Green has been working for more than 100 years to bring beautiful dark-green lawns to our clients using only the highest quality materials. Since 1881, we have experimented with turfgrass varietals to breed our genetically superior grass seed. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best, so our products are rigorously tested to ensure they perform to the highest standards.

Which Seed Should You Use?

If you want the best-looking grass in the neighborhood, be sure to choose the highest quality grass seed. Jonathan Green Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures look so much like Kentucky bluegrass that even the pros have difficulty distinguishing Black Beauty® from bluegrass.

Jonathan Green Black Beauty® grass seeds are:

  • Deeply rooted (up to 4 feet)
  • Disease resistant
  • Drought tolerant because of the invisible waxy leaf coating that preserves moisture in the plant (similar to the wax on an apple).
  • Naturally dark green in color
  • Uniform in leaf size and texture
  • Contain Endophytes for natural insect resistance

To encourage your new grass seed to grow quicker and thicker, we highly recommend Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding. This high-phosphorus formula helps to build a robust root system, gets new grass plantings off to a fast start for a thicker, greener lawn, and will continue feeding your lawn for up to two months.

Prepare the Soil

Before you plant your grass seed mixture, make sure that you also have the following Jonathan Green products on hand:

  • MAG-I-CAL® Soil Food – Test your soil to ensure the pH is between 6.2 and 7.0. If it’s not, MAG-I-CAL® can be used immediately before seeding (and until you improve the pH level adequately) to help the lawn grow greener and healthier. MAG-I-CAL® comes in two custom formulas – one for acidic soil and one for alkaline soil.
  • Love Your Soil® – If your soil is very hard or compacted, Love Your Soil® will loosen it. It will also feed the soil microbes, making the soil more alive and porous. With more porous soil, air, water, and roots can move more easily from the surface through the soil.
  • Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding – This high phosphorus formula is formulated for seeding and sodding. It helps to build a strong root system and gets new grass plantings off to a fast start for a thicker, greener lawn.

Once your new grass has grown at least three inches, it is ready to be mowed. We call this giving the grass a haircut; it invigorates the young grass and causes the root system to grow deep.

If you are looking for the best dark green grass seed you can sow, Jonathan Green has the answers you need. Visit our online store, or find an independent retailer in your area for reliable lawn and garden advice.

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