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Grass Mat Roll

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If your lawn is less-than-stellar with areas of dead or struggling grass, consider the Black Beauty® Ultra grass mat or roll from Jonathan Green. With very little effort, you can put it right where you need it, water it, and watch it grow.

For more than 100 years, Jonathan Green has brought beautiful dark-green lawns to clients using only the highest quality materials. Since 1881, we have experimented with turfgrass varietals to breed our genetically superior grass seed. We are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best products, so we rigorously test all of them to ensure they perform to the highest standards.

Why Choose Black Beauty® Grass Seed Rolls?

Planting a lawn from seed is a simple process, but sowing seed at the wrong time can lead to failed seed or weak grass, and the weather will influence how quickly it grows.

The advantages of using Black Beauty® Biodegradable Grass Seed Roll include:

  • Fast establishment. When properly installed, germination will take just two to three weeks for the grass to root well and become established.
  • Prevents seed loss.  Unlike traditional grass seed sowing, seeds are enclosed in the seed mat to prevent them from washing away, from planting them too deeply, and from hungry birds.
  • Use it all year. Black Beauty® Grass Seed Rolls can be installed anytime in the growing season that temperatures in your area are consistently above 50°F.
  • It’s biodegradable. Once rolled out and watered, the grass mat will stick to the ground, and the seeds will begin to germinate. Each seed is surrounded by fertilizer and secured by biodegradable fabric that promotes uniform growth.
  • Quick turnaround for foot traffic. Newly seeded lawns may take 10 to 12 weeks to grow before they can tolerate even light foot traffic. Once Black Beauty® Grass Seed Rolls are established, however, your lawn will be ready for regular foot traffic from entertaining, play, and pets.

How to Use the Seed Roll

Prepare the soil.  Do not lay the Seed Roll over existing grass and clear all other vegetation. Loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a rake and create a smooth surface free of any debris. Seed Roll must touch the soil to grow. Do not install Seed Roll during periods of strong winds or approaching heavy rains.

Roll It Out. When patching bare spots, cut a piece of the roll with scissors to the desired shape and place it over the prepared area. Lightly water it. Seed Roll will “stick” to the ground once moistened, so be sure it is in place before watering. For larger areas, lay as many sections as you need closely together without gaps and slightly overlap the edges. Water sections as you go along, making sure all sections are wet and continue until you have covered the desired area.

Maintain It. Do not walk on Seed Roll immediately after installation. When finished, water frequently with a hose or sprinkler. Seed Roll locks in moisture, so watering often in small amounts is best. Keep Seed Roll constantly wet for the first three weeks, or until the new grass reaches 3 inches tall, and then begin mowing.

Rejuvenate weak areas of your lawn with the Black Beauty® Biodegradable Grass Seed Roll, and keep your yard green. Visit Jonathan Green online, or locate your nearest independent garden center or hardware store where you can get reliable information about caring for your lawn and garden.

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