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How to Fertilize a Lawn

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Keeping a lawn green and healthy throughout the year can feel like an impossible job. If you are wondering how to fertilize a lawn, the experts at Jonathan Green are more than happy to help. We have been perfecting the art of growing lush green lawns since 1881. We have created a lawn care system that we call the New American Lawn Care Plan that takes all the guesswork out of fertilizing your lawn.

At Jonathan Green, we have used cutting edge technology to develop proven products and methods for creating healthy lawns that are resistant to disease, pests and the elements. Whether you are planting a new lawn, revitalizing an existing lawn, or just caring for the lawn you have, we have the products that can help. We also have a full line of organic products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

New American Lawn Care Plan

According to our New American Lawn Care Plan, there are a few times a year that you need to fertilize your lawn or treat your soil. There are four products that we recommend you use at different times of the year to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to withstand the elements and grow a strong, deep and disease-resistant root system. The four times of the year align with these holidays, Step 1 Easter, Step 2 Mothers Day through Memorial Day, Step 3 July 4th and finally Step 4 Labor Day.

The New American Lawn Care Plan  will help deal with problem weeds that return year after year and ensures that  your grass is a bright vibrant green. It will loosen the soil and stimulate the soil microbes to break down the nutrients in the soil to be better absorbed by the grass roots. A healthy soil is also critical in preventing insects and fungus from attacking your lawn.

In March and April, you should use a product that will help your grass recover from the stress of winter and also help prevent crabgrass from sprouting in the spring growing season. Our Veri-Green Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Fertilizer is formulated to keep crabgrass and other grassy weeds out of your lawn.

In May and June, weeds can be even more of a problem, and that is why we developed Veri-Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer. This amazing fertilizer kills over 250 types of broadleaf weeds, down to the roots including  dandelions, clover and chickweed.

In summer, from July through August, you should treat the soil and prevent it from getting dry and hard during the warm months. Mag-I-Cal Plus is designed to loosen the soil and stimulate soil microbes to make the nutrients in the soil easier to absorb..

Finally, it is time to get your lawn ready to survive the winter with our Winter Survival Fall Lawn Fertilizer formula in September and October. It will feed your lawn throughout the colder months and have your lawn ready and waiting for spring.

To fertilize your lawn, use a  lawn  spreader; a rotary spreader such as Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Standard Rotary Spreader is especially good for large lawns. You’ll be able to adjust the spreader settings based upon the settings listed on the back of the bag . You should always apply three of these products (but not Weed & Feed) to a dry lawn and then water them into the soil. Jonathan Green Green Up Weed & Feed must be spread on a damp lawn so the weed control particles stick to the weed leaves in order to obtain the very best weed control. Delay using Weed & Feed until no rain is anticipated for 48 hours, and turn off the irrigation system for the same period of time. After this, the weed control has been absorbed by the weeds and will eliminate your lawn weeds within two weeks.

If you want to learn more about how to fertilize your lawn, you can visit us online at JonathanGreen.com or visit your local independent retail store for advice. 

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