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Organic Weed Preventer

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If you prefer to manage weeds in your lawn organically instead of turning to synthetic chemical herbicides, Organic Weed Preventer from Jonathan Green can help.

Jonathan Green has been growing beautiful lawns for six generations, ever since 1881 when our English ancestor and founder Jonathan Green experimented with different grasses and combinations of “grass families” in an attempt to improve the quality of bowling green turf, eventually constructing lush greens in towns all over northern England.

Today, we are a major supplier of grass seed, organics, and weed, insect and disease control products to both the independent retailer and professional lawn care markets and breed genetically superior turf grasses, such as those found in our Black Beauty grass seed mixtures. Our products will transform your lawn and help it thrive.

Jonathan Green Corn Gluten Weed Preventer plus Lawn Food, for example, helps prevent the growth of certain broadleaf (dandelions, clover, chickweed, etc.) and grassy weeds (crabgrass, etc.). It contains a patented, highly concentrated corn gluten that prevents many of these common weeds. In fact, some studies show that our corn gluten provides weed prevention that rivals some synthetic products.

Corn Gluten Weed Preventer plus Lawn Food greens up the lawn quickly and releases organic proteins into the soil to encourage root development. Apply it to the lawn in the early spring and again in later spring, summer and fall, but do not apply grass seed for 60-90 days after applying this product.

Improve the Health of Your Soil

Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan is based on the use of both organic and traditional fertilizers to encourage grass growth. By following the Plan, you will be able to grow an attractive, healthy lawn that is not subject to most lawn problems and doesn’t require the application of turf chemicals year after year. And, it’s as easy as U-S-A!

When your lawn and soil are in harmony, the natural balance will ward off most weeds, insects and diseases, and improve heat and cold tolerance. The soil will become more permeable and alive, allowing water, air and grass roots to penetrate into the soil more deeply and establish a better foundation for the grass to flourish.

Jonathan Green has two key products that can be applied on the same day, one after the other, and, since they are both organic soil enhancers, you can’t hurt anything if you apply too much.  We recommend you spread these products twice a year, once in the spring and once again in late summer or early fall.

MAG-I-CAL® Soil Food helps balance the soil pH and, at the same time, helps the lawn grow greener and healthier. When the pH is balanced, the grass will be able to absorb minerals and nutrients that were previously locked in the soil and unavailable to the grass plants.

Love Your Soil® will kick-start your lawn. It feeds the soil microbes, making the lawn soil more alive and porous, and loosens and aerates heavy, compacted soil. Love Your Soil® enhances root and root mass development and is effective on all turf grass varieties.

Visit Jonathan Green online or find your nearest independent retail store to learn more about Organic Weed Preventer and our other organic lawn care products.

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