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Reseeding Grass

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Learn how reseeding can improve the look and quality of your grass from the experts at Jonathan Green, and discover how properly feeding both the lawn and soil will create a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood!

Since 1881, the Jonathan Green name has stood for genetically superior cool season grass seed, innovation, integrity, determination and a commitment to excellence. Today, six generations later, we remain committed to producing superior lawn and garden products.

We supply grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizer, and organic lawn and garden products to professional customers, such as sod growers and independent retailers, throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern United States.

Select the Best Grass Seed

All grass seeds are not the same. For the best results, you will need to choose a high-quality grass seed that is appropriate for your lawn seeding situation. We recommend reseeding your lawn with either Black Beauty® Ultra grass seed or Black Beauty® Fall Magic™ grass seed:

  • Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed is most similar to what is found on sod farms. The mixture possesses species diversity and contains exclusive, elite varieties of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.  These grasses grow a naturally dark-green and beautiful lawn with excellent heat and drought tolerance.  Black Beauty Ultra® grass seed germinates in about 14 days and will improve any lawn it is overseeded into.
  • Black Beauty® Fall Magic Grass Seed has been specially formulated for successful fall seeding and contains several grass types, including Black Beauty® tall fescues. It can be used in sun and shade lawn areas on established lawns or to start new lawns from scratch. Black Beauty® Fall Magic™ repairs summer damage and provides an attractive, thicker, greener lawn, with germination in 10 to 14 days.

If you have children and/or pets, you may want to invest in Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty® Heavy Traffic Grass Seed, which is a hardy mixture designed for tough areas with extensive foot traffic. If you don’t get a lot of sunshine, Black Beauty® Dense Shade Grass Seed is the way to go.

Get Great Results

The key to successful reseeding is having good seed-to-soil contact. Rake out any dead grass and loosen compacted soil about a half-inch deep to give the new grass roots a better chance to grow in the loosened soil.

If your soil is very hard or compacted, Love Your Soil® will loosen it. It will also feed the soil microbes, making the lawn soil more alive and porous, and enhance root growth. Black Beauty tall fescues can grow a root system up to four feet deep but not in heavily compacted soils that air, water and nutrients can’t penetrate. Love Your Soil opens these soils up so grass plants can root deeply.

If your soil has a low pH, apply Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil to increase the pH level to a 6.0 to 6.8 range for optimum growth. It will also help the lawn grow greener and healthier.

This is also a great time to apply Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding, our high phosphorus formula that helps build a vigorous root system and gets new grass plantings and newly laid sod off to a fast start.

For more information about reseeding your grass, visit Jonathan Green online or contact your nearest retail store for reliable lawn and garden advice.

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