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Should Grass Seed Be Covered?

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Grass seed, while resilient, can also be temperamental and needs diligent care. The better prepared a lawn is for grass seed, the better the seed will sprout. Covering your grass seed with soil is not necessary, but you should rake your seed into the existing soil.

Jonathan Green has been a leader in caring for and growing high quality lawns since 1881. For six generations our family has represented high quality grass seed, innovation, integrity, determination and a commitment to excellence.

Treating the Soil

You do not have to buy new topsoil or any special form of soil in order to cover your new grass seed.  Preparing the soil you have is the best way to ensure your new grass seeds will sprout.  Often the greatest predictor of how well a grass will grow is looking at whether the soil was adequately prepared before the grass seed was put down.

To grow properly, the pH of the soil needs to be between 6.2 and 7. To test the pH of the soil you can purchase a pH tester from any local hardware or garden supply store. If the soil does not fall within this range then it needs to be treated. We recommend MAG-I-CAL. This specially formulated compound treats the soil to lower or raise the pH as needed. For pH that falls below 6.2 use Mag-I-Cal® for Lawns in Acidic Soil. For pH that is above 7 use Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil. Both of these treatments can be applied right before seeding.

Once the pH has been addressed the soil needs to be loosened and aerated for best root growth. This can be done with Love Your Soil®. Love Your Soil® is an innovation in soil treatment as it activates the microbes within the soil. Once activated, the microbes allow for nutrients to be easily absorbed by the grass roots, resulting in stronger, heartier grass. Like the MAG-I-CAL treatment this can be put down right before laying the grass seed.

Laying Down Grass Seed

Once the soil is ready for grass seed, you can use a spreader to lay down your seed. While there are a number of types of grass seed to choose from, we recommend our very own Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Original Grass Seed. Back in 1881, Jonathan Green began experimenting with breeding different varietals of grass seed, and we have been improving our seed ever since. Today Black Beauty grass seed has roots that grow to a depth of up to four feet, far deeper than other grass varieties. Our grass also grows with a waxy coating that protects each blade of grass from drought or disease.

Grass seed can be put down with a seed spreader. It can be helpful to rake the grass to remove dead grass and other debris from the soil before laying down the seed. After the seed has been laid down, you should rake the soil again. Allowing the seed and soil to mix is essential for proper germination of the seeds.

After the seed has been put down it is important that the seeds remain damp. Water once or twice a day until the seed sprouts are at least one inch in height. Keep in mind the proper times to lay down grass seed so that you do not have to worry about frost or dormant growing times impeding progress on your new lawn.

For other essential tips on whether or not to cover grass seed visit Jonathan Green online or take a trip to your local independent retailer.

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