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How Cold is Too Cold for Grass Seed?

Laying down grass seed is a very delicate process and it needs to be done at the right time. If it is too cold for grass seed then your seeds will not properly germinate or they may lay dormant until the next growing season. Jonathan Green is a name that has been synonymous with superior grass quality and products for generations. Since 1881, Jonathan Green has represented innovation, integrity, determination, and commitment to excellence. Today Jonathan Green offers genetically superior grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizer, and organic lawn and garden products that are used by professional growers around the country.

What Temperature is Right for Laying Down Grass Seed?

Cool-season grasses like Jonathan Green Black Beauty can be planted in cool temperatures. Daytime temperatures around 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit typically mean the soil temperature is between 50 and 65 degrees and perfect for seed germination. If the soil temperature is much lower than 50 degrees, however, the seeds will lay dormant and not germinate. To ensure the best seeding, make sure the soil temperature is right for your seeds. We recommend Jonathan Green Black Beauty for superior lawn quality. It is favored by sod growers because it creates roots that are four feet deep and grass that is naturally disease and drought-resistant. Black Beauty also creates a grass that is lush and dark green which is prized by most homeowners.

What Are the Best Products to Use?

Laying down grass seed is only as successful as the products you use. The soil must be properly prepared in order for the seeds to germinate.  The first step is to check the soil pH, the ideal pH is 6.2 and 7. A pH tester from your local hardware store will help with this. If the pH of the soil is too low then use Jonathan Green’s MAG-I-CAL to quickly raise the pH of the soil. This can be done the same day that you lay down the seed. Once the pH of the soil has been treated then the soil must be loosened and aerated. This is especially important for soil that is hard and dry. Jonathan Green’s Love Your Soil is specially formulated to feed the soil microbes and make it easier for the roots of the new grass to absorb the soil’s nutrients. This product can also be applied the same day as the grass seed.

How to Lay Down Grass Seed

Once the soil has been properly prepared, you can lay down the grass seed of your choice. Due to its genetic diversity, deep roots, and waxy coating that seals in moisture and protects from disease, we recommend Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty grass seed. Lay down the grass seed with a spreader and then rake over the soil and freshly laid seeds. It is necessary for the seeds and soil to connect for proper germination. Next, simply fertilize the soil and keep the grass damp until the seedlings are least two inches tall. For further help knowing whether it’s too cold for grass seed, it’s best to visit Jonathan Green online or get in touch with your local retailer.

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