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Is it Too Late to Plant Grass Seed in October?

Seeding Fall
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Depending on the type of seed, it is definitely not too late to plant grass seed in October. Cool season grass seed varieties like Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed do well with planting in October. The most important thing is to lay the seeds down at least 45 days before the first threat of frost. This will give the seeds time to germinate and grow strong enough to withstand harsh temperatures.

Jonathan Green has specialized in growing beautiful lawns for over 100 years. Since 1881 our name has been synonymous with high quality grass seed and innovative lawn care products. Six generations have worked to build this family business into what it is today and now we would like to share all we have learned with you.

Planting Grass Seed

For a high-quality grass seed that will hold up to the elements, we recommend Black Beauty® Original Grass Seed. This seed has a waxy coating that makes it particularly disease and drought resistant. It has a deep green color and is endophytic which makes it naturally insect resistant. As a cool season grass, Black Beauty should be planted between March to mid-June or from August to October.

The first step to putting down new grass seed is to check the pH of the soil. To do this, you will want to visit your local hardware store and pick up a pH tester. To use a pH tester, you will need to create a solution that is equal parts soil and distilled water. Mix the solution thoroughly and then place the tester in the solution. This will give you the pH value of the soil. Take care to use distilled water as tap water is likely to be pH adjusted and will distort the test.

For the lawn to properly germinate the soil needs to have a pH between 6.2 and 7. If the pH is too high, use Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil to lower the pH of the soil. If the pH is too low then Mag-I-Cal® for Lawns in Acidic Soil will raise the pH to the proper value. This can be placed on the soil prior to seeding.

Once the pH has been addressed then we recommend using Love Your Soil®. This product does wonders for even the hardest and driest of soils. It loosens and aerates the soil to allow for better root growth. It also stimulates the microbes in the dirt to make a biologically healthy soil. This is an easy way to turn subsoil into topsoil.

After both products have been properly applied the grass seed can be laid down with a grass spreader. If you are seeding a lawn with bare spots or seeding a new lawn you will want to rake the grass seed into the soil. Ideally the seeds should have a quarter of an inch of top soil covering them to protect against water erosion.

Caring for Your Newly Seeded Lawn

The seeds will take two to four weeks to sprout and during this time the ground should be kept damp. Proper watering one to two times a day is essential for a new lawn. This watering routine should be kept up until the grass sprouts are at least one inch tall.

Once the grass has been established you will want to develop a weed and feed lawncare routine that will keep your new lawn looking healthy all year round. Jonathan Green has a range of products and a proven four-step New American Lawn system to help.

For more information on whether or not it is too late to plant your grass seed in October, visit Jonathan Green online or stop by your local retailer.

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