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When to Plant Grass Seed in Missouri

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Temperatures vary widely between the winter and summer seasons in Missouri. Plant cool season grass seed in the early fall to take advantage of the best temperatures for seed germination.

Jonathan Green has been growing great looking lawns for six generations, ever since our English ancestor Jonathan Green experimented in the late 1880s with different grasses and combinations of “grass families” in an attempt to improve the quality of bowling green turf, eventually constructing greens in towns all over the north of England.

Today, the family remains committed to producing superior lawn and garden products. We supply genetically superior cool season grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizer, and organic lawn and garden products to professional customers, such as sod growers and independent retailers, such as hardware stores and garden centers throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern United States, and in 2019 at True Value and Do It Best hardware stores in the Western United States.

Times to Plant Grass Seed

There are two times of the year that are suitable for planting cool season grass seed in Missouri.

March or April

This planting season is the second-best time to plant grass seed in Missouri. The weather is still cool enough for the seeds to germinate and there is ordinarily no danger of a drought affecting the new sprouts. You may experience competition from weeds trying to crowd out the new sprouts, especially crabgrass. To prevent this, apply Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer plus New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer on the same day you sow grass seed. This pre-emergent herbicide prevents crabgrass and grassy weeds from germinating without injuring new grass seedlings. It contains 30% slow-release nitrogen to feed the new seedlings gently and for the first two months after establishment.

Late August to mid-October

This is the best time in Missouri for planting grass seed with early September being ideal. At this time of year, the soil is still warm so grass seed germinates faster. Additionally, weed development is less of a problem and the newly established grass will have two seasons of optimum growth before facing a hot summer.

Products we Recommend

Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed is the best grass seed we offer and is the closest to what you would find commercial sod growers planting. It is a combination of elite Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. It has roots that can grow up to four feet deep for superior drought resistance and it has a waxy coating, like that on an apple, that helps resist disease and seal in moisture.

We also have a few other products that are formulated for growing the best lawns, and many of them can be used to help with new seeding. The first product we recommend is Love Your Soil®. It will loosen and aerate hard or compacted soil, stimulate and feed the soil microbes, which will make the lawn soil more alive and porous, and enhance root development.

Veri-Green Starter Fertilizer for Seeding & Sodding is the best fertilizer for newly planted grass seed and encourages it to sprout quickly and develop a vigorous root system. The formula includes 1% iron for a rich green color and 30% slow release nitrogen to keep feeding your new lawn for up to two months.

For more information on when to plant grass seed in Missouri, please get in touch with Jonathan Green online or locate your nearest independent retail store for expert lawn and garden advice.

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