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When to Plant Grass Seed in South Dakota

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If you are interested in when to plant grass seed in South Dakota for the best results, the experts at Jonathan Green are here to help.

Jonathan Green has been working for more than 100 years to bring beautiful dark-green lawns to our clients using only the highest quality materials. Since 1881, we have experimented with turfgrass varietals to breed our genetically superior grass seed. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best, so all of our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they perform to the highest standards.

Plant in Early Fall

Cool season grass seed mixtures, such as Jonathan Green Black Beauty®, fare best in the early fall in South Dakota, when the air is cooling down, but the soil is still warm. Weed growth tapers off in the fall, so your new grass won’t have to compete for sunshine, water and nutrients. It will also have the benefit of two cool growing cycles before the heat of summer sets in.

Feed Your Lawn & Your Soil

There is nothing more important you can do for your lawn than to address the soil it is grown in.  Since the soil is the foundation of the lawn, strong, healthy soil will help you grow a lawn that looks good and is easier to maintain.

Lawns grow best in a soil with a pH that is neutral to slightly acidic (between 6.2 and 7.0), so it’s important to balance the pH when you plant grass seeds.

An application of Jonathan Green’s MAG-I-CAL® Soil Food will help raise the soil’s pH and, at the same time, help the lawn grow greener and healthier. The fast acting, soluble calcium carbonate helps develop cell walls and prepare grass plants for winter, while reducing the potential for disease. You can apply MAG-I-CAL® on the same day that you plant your grass seed.

If your soil is very hard or compacted, Love Your Soil®  will loosen and aerate it. It will also feed the soil microbes, making the soil more alive and porous, and enhancing root development. Love Your Soil® can be applied the same day as the grass seed and works best when the soil temperature is at least 55°F.

When seeding your lawn, seed-to-soil contact is the key to achieving maximum germination. Once your soil has been properly prepared, apply the Black Beauty grass seed with a spreader. Lastly, keep the seed bed moist for a few weeks while the grass seed germinates.

A Black Beauty® lawn will redefine your idea of what a good lawn is supposed to look like. We encourage you to read more about Jonathan Green’s revolutionary New American Lawn Plan, which will help you care for your lawn and encourage it to thrive.

Mentioned Products

To learn more about how and/or when to plant grass seed in South Dakota, visit Jonathan Green online or locate your nearest retail store where you can get reliable lawn and garden advice. Plant in early fall and, with adequate sunlight, rainwater and fertilizer, you can expect your new grass seedlings to be well-established and ready for winter.

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