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Turf-pro™ Spreader Conversion Chart

Looking for spreader settings for Jonathan Green Turf-pro™ products? You’ve come to the right place! The Turf-pro™ Spreader Conversion Chart below can help you find the appropriate setting for your spreader. The correct setting for the Jonathan Green Deluxe Rotary Spreader should be listed on every bag. Once you have that information, follow the steps below to locate the correct setting for your specific spreader.


If you do not see your spreader here, check your spreader’s manual, or contact the manufacturer. If the Jonathan Green Deluxe Rotary Spreader setting is not listed on the product bag, look for a spreader model that is listed on the chart below, and on the product bag. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Support Center.


To determine the appropriate spreader setting for your spreader, follow these simplified steps:


  1. Locate the Jonathan Green Deluxe Rotary spreader setting on the product bag.
  2. Find that setting on the Spreader Conversion Chart below.
  3. Identify your specific spreader in the leftmost column.
  4. Find the intersection where the Jonathan Green setting and your spreader meet.



A Jonathan Green Deluxe Rotary Spreader setting of 17 corresponds to a setting of 7 for a Scotts Rotary spreader.