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How to Fix Soil pH with Mag-I-Cal Plus

Wondering how to fix soil pH in your lawn? Use Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus! Not only will Mag-I-Cal Plus adjust pH, but it also relieves soil compaction. 

This product comes in two varieties:

  1. Acidic (black bag) – raises soil pH 
  2. Alkaline (purple bag) – lowers soil pH 

When looking to fix your soil pH, make sure to use the correct bag when amending your soil. 

Soil may not seem important to the health of your lawn at first, but the quality of your soil is directly correlated with the quality of your lawn! If your soil is compacted with an unbalanced pH, your grass will struggle and weeds will thrive. 

If you want to improve the overall health of your lawn and fix your soil’s pH, use Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus Soil Amendments.

Video Transcript

Did you know that grass can only thrive in loose soil with a neutral pH? Healthy soil is the key to a lush, beautiful lawn. 

Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus relieves compaction, adjusts pH, and feeds soil microbes in one easy step.