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How do I control Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie) in my lawn?


Ground ivy, otherwise known as “Creeping Charlie” is a persistent, common perennial weed with scalloped leaves and purple flowers at the stem that bloom in spring. Ground ivy is spread by its seeds and creeping stems and typically thrives in shady lawns with poor soil drainage. 




If you have a small ground ivy infestation, you can pull them out by hand. Be sure to remove all roots to avoid reemergence. For larger ground ivy infestations, apply a post-emergent herbicide, such as Jonathan Green Veri-Green Weed & Feed or Lawn Weed Control, when the weed appears in your yard. It’s important to note that Weed & Feed is an herbicide and lawn fertilizer combination product and Lawn Weed Control contains no fertilizer. Both of these products are effective in killing weeds. The leaf surface of ground ivy plants has short hairs, which may make them resistant to an initial application of post-emergent herbicide. Due to this, a second application may be needed.  


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