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How long until my grass germinates?


For newly planted grass seed, germination times can vary depending on the type of grass seed you have. Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed mixtures are primarily made up of tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. Since our grass seed varieties often are made up of multiple types of cool-season seed, you are likely to see the first signs of germination within one week, but remember to keep watering because the other species may need a few more days to sprout.


With precise seeding methods and proper watering, a general timeline for most cool-season grass seed varieties to germinate is an estimated seven to fourteen days. Remember, the seedbed must be kept moist and soil temperatures need to be at least 55ºF for grass seed to germinate.


Here is a helpful chart with germination times for each type of grass seed:






For more information on planting grass seed, visit our Seeding Guide!

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