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How often should I water my lawn?


Lawns need on average 1 – 1.5 inches of water per week, including rainfall. The following schedule can be used as a guide, however, feel free to adjust this according to the amount of rain your lawn receives:


Spring and Fall

  • Water your lawn 2 – 3 times a week, 15 – 20 minutes per zone.
  • Watering deeply, but infrequently will help prevent water waste, help grass roots to grow deeper, and help your lawn to build up resistance for times of drought.


  • Increase your watering schedule to three times a week, ½ inch per day to ensure your lawn stays hydrated during times of drought.
  • If the weather becomes extremely hot, add an additional day of watering to your schedule.


  • Stop watering once the ground is frozen.
  • It’s best to not water your lawn in the winter, as the grass goes dormant and doesn’t require frequent watering. Usually, water from rainfall should suffice.


For more information on watering your lawn properly, check out our How to Water Your Lawn page!

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