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Best Grass Seed for Maine

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Look no further than the knowledgeable team at Jonathan Green for information about the best grass seed for your Maine lawn. With our help, you can look forward to a thicker, denser and greener lawn that is easy to maintain and will be the envy of all your friends.

Jonathan Green has been beautifying lawns since 1881. Today we supply genetically superior grass seed and an innovative family of products that will help you get the most out of your lawn.

The best time to plant grass seed in Maine is in late summer/early fall (mid-August to mid-September).  The soil is warm, temperatures are cooler, autumn rains are more plentiful, and weeds are less active. This creates an excellent environment for seed germination before leaves start falling and winter cold arrives.

Choose the Finest Seed Mixture

Used by leading sod growers across the country, Jonathan Green’s genetically superior Black Beauty® grass seed creates a lawn full of grass that:

  • Is deep rooted (can grow roots to 4 feet deep);
  • Has an invisible waxy coating (like the waxy skin on an apple) that wards off disease and locks in moisture;
  • Has leaves that are dark green, lush, and uniform in texture;
  • Grows well in both full sun and partial shade;
  • Is drought-resistant;
  • Is endophyte-bred for natural insect resistance.

Black Beauty® Original Grass Seed is the original Jonathan Green grass seed blend that is grown by sod growers across the USA. It grows well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade, with seed germination in 10 to 20 days.

Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed contains a mixture of exclusive varieties of Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass and is also grown on sod farms.  Black Beauty® Ultra Grass Seed germinates in 10-14 days and will improve any lawn it is seeded into.

Prepare Your Soil

Grass seeds thrive in soils with a slightly acidic to neutral pH (6.2 – 7.0), while weeds persist and are more difficult to eliminate in acidic soils that have a lower pH. Use a soil pH tester to check the soil pH.  You can buy one at your local hardware store or garden center or at www.jonathangreen.com.

Soil pH that is too low should be treated with Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Acidic & Hard Soil. Our innovative formula will quickly balance the soil pH and help the lawn grow greener and healthier. It can be applied the same day as the grass seed is spread.

When soil pH is too high, Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil contains sulfur and calcium sulfate dihydrate that will lower the pH, improve root penetration and promote growth.

If your soil is hard or compacted, Love Your Soil® will loosen and aerate it. It will also feed the soil microbes, making the lawn soil more alive and porous, and enhancing root and root mass development. Love Your Soil® can be applied the same day as the grass seed and Mag-I-Cal.

Once you determine the best grass seed to plant in Maine, visit Jonathan Green online or your local independent retail store for tips and recommendations on caring for your lawn to keep it looking healthy all year round.

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