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Why Choose Black Beauty Grass Seed

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A beautiful, healthy lawn starts by choosing quality grass seed. Not all grass seed is created equal, however, so its important to understand key differences in seed prior to going to the store. Quality grass seed will have no filler, a high germination rate, a low amount of weed seed, and offer insect and disease resistance. Making the investment to purchase grass seed that has more of what you need and less of what you don’t will ultimately help you grow a healthy, lush lawn.  

As a six-generation family business, we know how important it is to have a beautiful lawn for making memories with your loved ones. That’s why we’ve dedicated an extensive amount of time and research into cultivating our Black Beauty grass seed varieties. Black Beauty grass seed is the trusted choice among leading sod growers and homeowners nationwide because they know that investing in high-quality products ensures high-quality performance. 

Jonathan Green President Barry Green (right) with Dave Johnson (left) of Johnson Farms in Deerfield, NJ.

What sets Black Beauty apart from other grass seed brands

Decades of worldwide research to provide quality grass seed varieties

Jonathan Green has spent decades conducting research to cultivate our premium Black Beauty grass seed varieties. We combined two incredible types of grass from opposite sides of the world. One from the hot, dry Sahara desert with roots that tunneled four feet deep and a waxy coating that locked in moisture like a cactus. The other was from frigid Northern Michigan and possessed tremendous cold tolerance and beautiful dark green blades. We bred those two plants together and voila! Our Black Beauty tall fescue was created. 

100% pure, uncoated grass seed for greater coverage

Our grass seed varieties are free of fillers and byproducts. Nothing but pure, uncoated grass seed goes into every bag of our Black Beauty mixtures. Buying uncoated grass seed saves you money and allows for quality control. Uncoated seed can cover up to three times the area that the same amount of coated grass seed can. Don’t waste money on inert matter and fillers. When you purchase a bag of Black Beauty grass seed, have peace of mind knowing that you’re only paying for seed. 

The dark-green color saves you money on fertilizer

Lawns grown with low-quality grass seed are usually lackluster and often require more fertilizer to help rapidly green up and improve their appearance. While other grasses are lighter green in color, Black Beauty grass seed naturally grows a dark green lawn that will require the use of less fertilizer and ultimately save you money. 

Quality tested for low amounts of weed seed and high germination rate

We know some big concerns among customers are grass seed germination rates and the amount of weed seed it contains. That’s why Black Beauty grass seed is tested for quality assurance to ensure our grass seed contains less than 0.02%  of weed seed and has a high germination rate. Black Beauty grass seed will grow into a healthy, weed-free lawn! 

Protective, waxy coating on the grass blade

Protect your lawn against the elements. Black Beauty grass is derived from a grass plant grown in a hot, dry climate, making it built to endure even the harshest climate conditions. The waxy-coating on Black Beauty grass blades is designed to help to lock in moisture, similar to that of a cactus plant, and keep your lawn protected against heat, disease, and stress. 

Insect and disease resistance prevents long-term damage

Lawns with damage from insects, such as grubs, or diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot, require more time and effort to treat. Black Beauty grass seed has naturally occurring endophytes, which are beneficial living organisms that help your lawn resist pesky insects and reduce the need for pesticides. In addition to the protective, waxy coating on Black Beauty grass blades, this will help to grow a healthy lawn that is resistant to disease and insects over time. 

Drought tolerance saves you money on your water bill

Black Beauty grass seed also has the ability to grow roots up to 4 ft. deep into the ground. Having a strong root system helps your lawn to absorb moisture deep into the soil and build resistance for times of drought and stress. A drought-resistant lawn also alleviates the need to water it frequently, saving you time and money on your water bill! 

Before & After Seeding With Black Beauty

Check out the amazing results this 5-acre Black Beauty lawn in western Pennsylvania achieved by seeding with Black Beauty grass seed and watering with natural rainfall!

Where Does Black Beauty Work Best

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