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How to Choose the Best Grass Seed

So how do you choose the best grass seed for your lawn? Here at Jonathan Green, we know it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the right type of grass seed for your property. That’s why we created this video. We go over key questions each homeowner should ask themselves when choosing what type of grass seed is ideal for them. How big is your yard? How many hours of sun does your lawn get? 

As you can see, grass seed is not one size fits all. Some lawns might get many hours of sun per day while others are in dense shade. That’s why we created an entire line of grass seed mixtures to ensure you are choosing the best grass seed for your specific needs. No matter which mixture you choose, Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed has a four-foot deep root system, a waxy coating that locks in moisture, and is naturally dark green. Not to mention, our grass is super disease, heat, and drought-resistant! Spend less money on watering and fertilizing with Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed.

Most of our mixtures contain tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass. To find out exactly what’s in each mixture, visit the Shop tab!

Video Transcript

A great lawn starts with great seed, but with so many varieties available which should you choose? Start by asking some general questions to find a seed that’s just right for you. 

First, where is your home located? The hot and humid southern areas primarily use plugs, while the cooler climates of the northern and central US grow grasses from seed. Jonathan Green specializes in the regions where the seed is used. 

Second, how big is your lawn? Knowing the square footage will determine how much seed you need. 

Third, what are your growing conditions? Consider how much wear and tear it will encounter from kids and pets as well as how much sun or shade your lawn gets. 

Fourth, how much time can you devote to your lawn? You might prefer a low-maintenance lawn while others don’t mind the extra effort of applying a bit more fertilizer or water for better greening. The moral of the story is: grass seed is not a one-size-fits-all decision. 

That’s why Jonathan Green created a full line of grass seed to fit the needs of every homeowner. Black Beauty is our premier line, every bag is a hundred percent pure seed with no coatings, fillers, or noxious weeds. Black Beauty was developed after decades of worldwide research combining the best of two unique grasses from opposite corners of the globe. 

One was found in the Sahara Desert with roots that tunneled four feet deep and a waxy coating that locked in moisture like a cactus. The other was discovered in frigid Northern Michigan possessing tremendous cold tolerance and beautiful dark green blades. We put them together and voila, a hybrid supergrass was born! But it didn’t stop there, Jonathan Green has improved our Black Beauty varieties over the years making them the top choice of homeowners across the country. 

So, to reiterate, the four-foot-deep root system means less watering time. The waxy leaf coating locks in moisture and helps prevent diseases meaning you’ll need fewer pesticides. The naturally dark green color means you’ll spend less on fertilizers and the upright and uniform growth pattern will make your lawn the best on the block. So, if you want a quality lawn choose Black Beauty grass seed. Choose Jonathan Green.