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How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Are you wondering what type of weed control you should use for your lawn? Search no more! Jonathan Green can help you get the weed-free lawn of your dreams. 

We have an entire line of weed control products (including all-natural ones!) that control both broadleaf and grassy weeds. Depending on the type of weeds in your lawn you will need a specific control. We have pre and post-emergents, as well as controls that include fertilizer so you’ll only have to apply one bag of product instead of two!

Video Transcript

Weeds: the arch enemy of healthy lawns and homeowners everywhere. These lawn offenders come in two categories: grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. 

Grassy weeds are often light green with thick, unsightly leaves like crabgrass. Once grassy weeds have germinated, they’re a pain and will need to be sprayed out. So, the best remedy is prevention, using a pre-emergent in early spring to knock them out for the entire season. But what if you’re running a bit behind? Jonathan Green to the rescue! While most other brands only work before germination, our Crabgrass Preventer kills crabgrass even after it germinates up to the three-leaf stage

Broadleaf weeds (like dandelions) have a pronounced flower and deep taproots, these must be killed after they grow in the late spring or fall. Jonathan Green Weed & Feed annihilates broadleaf weeds down through the roots so they can’t easily grow back. But remember, it must be applied to a wet lawn so the herbicide absorbs properly. Jonathan Green Weed & Feed controls three times as many broadleaf weeds as other brands. 

If you’re serious about getting your lawn in peak condition, the best way to crowd out weeds is to grow a lush thick lawn with healthy, pH-neutral soil. This will help limit the use of weed controls in the future. Stick with Jonathan Green and we’ll help you get the weed-free lawn of your dreams.