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Wondering who Jonathan Green is as a company? Or what we believe in? How about how we got started? Here’s our story! From 1881 when the namesake of the company started experimenting with turf grass up until today, we’ve held true to the same values: 

1. Supporting other small family businesses

2. Excellent Customer Service

3. Devoted to Innovation

4. Creating Quality Products

Video Transcription

At Jonathan Green, we believe everyone deserves to have the lawn of their dreams because lawns are where we come together and make memories. That’s why our family has spent six generations perfecting our award-winning products. It all began back in 1881 when a family man and avid lawn bowler named Jonathan Green began experimenting with grasses to improve the playing surface of bowling greens. He started a small grass seed business to sell these improved turf grasses. Amidst the drab gray backdrop of the Industrial Revolution, Jonathan wanted to bring the color and joy of a green lawn to people’s lives. 

Well over a century later, we’ve held true to the same values. We’re passionate about supporting other family businesses so you’ll only find us in local stores, not the big box chains. We care about service, truly going above and beyond to answer customer questions and resolve issues. We’re devoted to innovation, spending decades scouring the globe to formulate our own high-performing hybrid grass seed varieties because great lawns start with great seed. Our unique approach sets us apart in the industry. We believe in quality products used strategically to create a robust lawn with healthy soil that is naturally resistant to weeds, disease, insects, and the stress of extreme weather. 

Other companies focus on products that only address the symptoms of an unhealthy lawn, but we start at the source- cultivating a naturally hearty lawn from the soil up. We aim to educate homeowners in the basics of lawn care so they can maintain a lush natural landscape without wasting valuable time or money. Jonathan Green. Quality lawns since 1881.