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How to Fix Soil Compaction

Struggling with hard, compacted soil despite renting core aerating machines every year? Don’t worry! Jonathan Green has the solutions for you: Love Your Soil and Mag-I-Cal Plus soil amendments! These amazing products loosen compacted soil, enhancing air and water flow to the grass plants. This improved circulation allows grass roots to grow deep and strong resulting in a thicker, greener lawn.

Video Transcript

What’s the golden rule of lawn care? It’s what’s underneath that counts! Healthy soil should be full of microbial life. Soil needs air, water, nutrients, earthworms, and organic matter to support healthy grass. Many homeowners spend a fortune on weed controls and fertilizers, but their lawns are still weedy and dull because they’re treating the symptoms and not the problem- ignoring the soil underneath.

One common cause of unhealthy soil is compaction. This is caused by hard clays found in the soil. Compaction is made worse by heavy traffic on the lawn. Maybe your dog and kids play in the same part of the yard every day, or you park vehicles on the front lawn, or you mow your lawn using the same pattern every week. All these scenarios make soil dense over time.

Want to test yours? Just stick a screwdriver in the soil, if you can’t easily push it down to the handle it’s compacted. In compacted soil, the roots have a hard time breaking through and the microbial life diminishes, microbes play a vital part in healthy soil decomposing organic matter like leaves, stems, and manures into humus creating nutrients that the roots can absorb. When roots are shallow and microbes are starved, so is the grass.

How do you fix compacted soil? Some homeowners try renting expensive core aerating machines but within months these holes fill back in and the soil re-compacts. To fight compaction for good you need to change the biology of the soil, you need Jonathan Green. Love Your Soil® is fortified with natural humus-rich foods to keep the microbes active and gypsum-rich additives to keep the soil loose and porous. Mag-I-Cal® Plus does all that to fight compaction plus tackle unbalanced pH. So, if your lawn is lacking, remember the golden rule and improve your soil.